19-Nineteen Novel by Inoue Yumiko – Review

19-Nineteen19-Nineteen – Review

19-Nineteen is a written by Inoue Yumiko. He is a South Korean writer. In this saga, a writer describes the murdered story. Three main personalities of this saga. Two boys and one girl. They all are 19 years old. The story of this tale based on these three characters, they all are in blame of murdered. Everyone thinks they kill someone, no one believes son them. Their parents think maybe they all kill someone and feels responsible.

In the last of this saga, they prove that they are not the real killer. The novel story is really amazing got the attention of readers as well as viewers. The story of this tale used for the making of the film. The film becomes very hit. Korean is the language of this saga. CJ Entertainment is the distributor of this film. Jang Yong-woo direct this mind-blowing film. After filmmaking, the story of this tale is used for the making of the mini-drama. This drama is on-air on the TV screen of South Korea and Japan. In 2010, again adapted for drama named TV Asahi. The university life starts all students were very happy. Fresh students come in university and happy to see the new world. Happy to see each other, they were the stranger to each other.

Suddenly murdered is happen off the young girl. Three main characters of this tale. They all are the teenager. They all studied in a school together share best moments, loves each other and have a lot of fun.

Once the time comes, when one of them murdered. The murder happens in a school. The victim is a teenager girl. She is the fellow of all. She does not know all three. The blame of this murder was this triangle, two boys, and girl. Police arrested them. They all were really surprised what happened with them. Their friends show no connection with them this thing made them cry. Parents of them really feel guilty after hearing this news. Firstly, they think this one is just a false story towards victims.

They think maybe victims gain huge money that why they play a horrible drama. After that, they all are in jail. They all are a really innocent guy. The triangle group of teenage reality disappointed after seeing the attitude of our friends, parents, police and whole public. All of them are very innocent couldn’t do any murder but blame is very strong about them. Real criminals are free and move happily no one know about them.

Triangle group decided to make themselves free and show them innocent in front of the court. After some time, investigation going on and the day come when they all three were free and happy. The innocence explains their personality Author writes this tale amazingly. Reader and viewers really happy and amazed after reading and seeing this book and films. This one is just a piece of art.

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