Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

Cold-Comfort-Farm1Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

Cold Comfort Farm is a written by Stella Gibbons. He is an English author. This is a comic novel and published in 1932. In this tale, Author elaborates the lifestyle of rural life. 1928 this novel is used for the making of the serial. Longman is the publisher of this novel. This is really superb novel contain amazing elements that make this one more attractive than other regular novels. Cold Comfort got an award in 1933. This one in on position 88 in 2003. This novel is considered the big read novel of the year 2003. Author arrange the characters of this saga marvelously and add an amazing epic in this saga.

Flora Poste is the main personality of this saga. she is orphaned and lives with her relatives. Sussex, England is the set of this saga and this tale has happened in 1930’s. Aunt Ada Doom is a controller of the farm Sussex and she is never come out from her room. Depression and gloom have a great effect on her personality. Farm looking like a living being during and after the spring period. On the other hand, the condition of Farm is not too good. Flora decided to take care of this Farm and make this one matter their past. She talks with Starkadders and wants to take a help.

Starkadders not wants to leave the Aunt Ada Doom. Aunt Ada Doom condition really bed and madness destroy his personality. She is not fine due to his childhood stress. Flora really loving and helping girl. She helps her family member really much. Her cousin name Elfine likes a wealthy man and wants to marry him.

Flora helps her and soon they got wedded. On the other hand, she helps another cousin named Seth. He wants to make a career in Hollywood. Flora close friend is Hollywood producer helps her cousin making his career. Uncle Amos is the uncle of Flora he is religious man. He wants to go elsewhere for the preaching of his religion. He talks the Flora, Aunt Ada Doom not ready to free uncle because uncle Amos take the farm and responsible all deals related to the Farm.

Flora talks Aunt Ada Doom and she agrees. soon uncle go to another world for the preaching of his religion. Elfine wedding held in Paris but Aunt Ada Doom not ready to go and no wants to attend her marriage ceremony but Flora talks her and finally she is ready for files towards Paris.

The ending of this tale is just like a fairytale. Charals a lucky man who likes Folra and Folra also loves him. When she is present in the Paris airport Charles come, and pick her. Soon they both are present in the London. They started our life here with great love. Mr. Mybug another man who saw the Folra and fall in love. But he wedded after the Starkadder. He is wealthy man and hire some different peoples for working.

Once he hires a girl named Meriam for solving special business related issue. She is pregnant many times and give birth Four child but the fathers of all his child is unknown. Meriam meet the Flora she told her control herself. Soon she is wedded with a man in the Farmhouse. The Author describe the rural life here very amazingly and this one is consider best work.

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