The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett

The-Maltese-FalconThe Maltese Falcon – Review

The Maltese Falcon is written by Dashiell Hammett. This one is detective tale writes in the English language. This saga sterilized in a magazine named Black Mask in September 1929. The story of this tale used for many and show in cinema many times. Sam Spade is the main hero of this tale Author writes this character marvelously. 1931 to 1941 three films based on this topic released and became hit. This novel got 56th position among 100 best novels of English literature. Miles Archer is the main character of this saga. In this, all issues of Spade arises and go throughout the saga.

Miles Archer kill a man named Floyd Thursby. He works with Miles Archer. All the characters of this saga were very greedy. They do not pay attention of this murder. They all ready to find the Falcon instead finding the real killer. Cairo and Gutman also main personalities of this saga both are a very greedy man once they offer a huge amount of money to Spade. They talk him and said his work and in a result, they fill his pocket with cash. Brigid is also an important part of the tale not a rich so she always ready to buttering the other. She is not a good woman.

Spade is a really clever man. He plays an outlandish game with the with three beings. Cario Brigid and Gutman are not clever as a spade, they don’t know the tricks of a spade. He makes owls all of three. In result, he able to takes money. He takes a huge amount of money by using our Devil mind. On the other hand, he also uses the Brigid. He develops a sexual relationship with her. Captain Jacobi kills the Falcon when they present in the space office. And the time comes Jacobi killed with the hands of Wilmer.

The ending of this tale is full of murder. Bridge kill the Miles Archer after a police investigation she confessed she is the killer of this murder. Wilmer also confessed he is the killer of spade and Gutman. they both are under the police control in the end of this saga. This really superb tale written by Author. The story of this tale used for the making of Drama as well as films and able to get the attention of readers as well as viewers.


  • In 1975, a film is released based on this novel named The Blackbird.
  • In 1936, the tale story again used for the making of another film named Satan Met a Lady. This film did not get good response towards the viewers.
  • In 2001, this story is used for drama making on-air in BBC Radio 4.