The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler (1939)


The Big Sleep – Review

The Big Sleep is written by Raymond Chandler. This is a hardboiled crime novel. The story of this tale is used for the making of film two times. In 1949 firstly and in 1978 secondly. The whole story takes place in California. Followed by Farewell, My Lovely. 1939 is publishing date of this saga. Alfred A. Knopf is the publisher of this tale. The story of this tale is really amazing got the attention of readers as well as viewers. This novel is declared s best 100 novels. The author arranges this novel very beautifully and makes this tale more attractive towards the readers and viewers.

Marlowe wants to know the background of Geiger’s. She decided to go his shop where he met a clerk named Agnes. He talks with Agnes and said where is Geiger. Soon he goes the Geiger house. When he comes here he finds the Carmen Sternwood. She was really dispiriting and looking very anxious. She enters in Geiger house and a huge voice of shot comes from this house. Geiger dies Carmen Sternwood. Him. After the investigation comes to know Geiger make her naked photos and blackmail her so that why she decided to kill him and save herself in this way.

Philip wants to meet the Arthur Geiger, he decided to go his bookstore. Agnes, is the clerk of his store, meet him and talk about Geiger. Philip goes towards his house. When he reached, he saw the Carmen Sternwood, Carmen Sternwood is just to enter his house. After a few times, Philip heard a noise of a gunshot. Geiger dies with the Gunshot of Carmen Sternwood. she went home. Next day the newspapers full of this news police call the Sternwood because police find his car near the dead body. Vivian told the police whole situation who Geiger blackmailed her sister. Nude photos of her sister found on the camera of Geiger. they all were very sad after seeing these cheap pics.

Time passes, once morning Marlowe met General Sternwood. Here he also met with the Carmen, he returned her gun and teacher her how to shoot the gun. In morning, they a present in the greenery land where he told him and gives back her gun, after getting her gun Carmen started to shoot on Marlowe. In the whole situation, Marlowe laughs because he fills this gun with the black pots. She feels really embarrassed. Rusty is also a man who killed in the hands of Carmen. Her sister decided to go elsewhere. Private investigator Marlowe goes also elsewhere and not see again.

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