Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

Bridget-Jones-DiaryBridget Jones’s Diary is written by Helen Fielding. The published date of this tale is 1996 novel. The publisher of this tale is Picador. Type of this tale is Comedy novel, Chick lit. The main character of this tale is Bridget Jones. This novel becomes most popular.

Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

In this tale, the author tells us about the private and special diary of Bridget Jones. He is a single working woman and lives in London. She enters her each and everything in her diary like she writes her occupation, personality, and subordinate. She also writes her strong relationship with her friends. And she also writes her idealistic and loving relationships.

This is a story is about a Bridget. This tale is about Bridget daily life.

Bridget is not a preoccupy about her love life include that her information of daily life effort with her weight. And her intemperance in alcohol and cigarettes. He also mentions her daily life and daily life work and best friend and family who help her in her troubles. Her friends are very helping and cooperative and tell and provide a recommendation and suggestion about her relationships. Her Friends also help and gave confidence when the troubles and tribulations are occurring and start. And her mother is an arrogant woman and also desire to marry Bridget with a rich man. Her father is a significant practical and sensible man. Her mother is a very conceited and egotistical woman and her main task of her life is to marry her daughter with a Good-looking and Attractive young wealthy man.

Bridget friends live in a London. Bridget family is also live in the exterior of the city. Her father sometimes forces into an unusually and typically condition of his wife. Bridget is get assemble her parents. He also meets her parent’s this tale tells the personal diary of a Bridget. She writes her personal views and personal thinking and also writes how her friends support her.

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