James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

James-and-the-Giant-Peach-by-Roald-DahlJames and the Giant Peach – Review

James and the Giant Peach is a novel by very popular British Author named Roald Dahl. Alfred Knopf is the first publisher of this saga and publishes its original edition many times published by a different publisher. The film of the same name is based on this tale and released in 1996. This one is considered the best and popular novel for children. This one novel got high ranked among child novel and considered one of the best novels among 100 best novels of the English literature.

James is the main character of this saga. He lives with his relatives after the death of his parents. His parents eaten by a horrible animal named rhinoceros. Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker is the aunts of James. Their behavior is bad towards the James. They always shoot on him. He feels really alone and not play with his age fellow.

Once he met a strange old man. The old man gives him a strand pouch full of green beads. He told him if he follows some amazing things takes place. Firstly, he was quite sad but after that, he feels excitation. The pouch of green beads hides in his garden. Suddenly, he hears a shot of his aunt they were calling him for work.

After that, a big peach growing up from their shoots. The peach attains a huge size and soon covers the whole house of his Aunts. Everyone really surprises after seeing this miracle. In next morning, James present in front of the beach he saw a hole he goes into the fruit. Here he finds new friends name earthworm, spider, and grasshopper. James happy to them. Next day, the fruit is cut from its branches and going towards the huge journey. They all are in the new place name the Atlantic Ocean. James is really away from our aunts.

Now the are present in the Atlantic Ocean. Here a great shark attack on them but all save. After that, the shark again attacks them. They move slowly and finally reach a new amazing place named New York City. All friends were together and they feel really happy here, they see the huge amazingly living and shunning city for the first time and they feel so proud to make them a part of this city. They happily stating living here James was very happy. Here he is free and moves on his choice no one present to shout on him. He feels really superb after living his Aunts house. This is the amazing saga for the child all over the world. The superb saga writes Author marvelously and got the attraction of child.

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