Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Short Review

Mr.-Popper’s-PenguinsMr. Popper’s Penguins is a novel by amazing writer Richard and Florence Atwater. This is the children book. This one is the gift for children. 1938 is the publishing date of this book. In this saga, a happy family story describes Mr. Popper is the head of this family. Little, Brown Young Readers is the publisher of this English novel. This is really amazing novel who got the attention of Child as well as Elders. The story is based on very entertain topic and explains the whole characters by the writer is just Superb. The drama and films based on this tale make many times.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Review

The story is about penguins. Mr. Popper is a main character in this saga. He lives very happy life with his wife. He has two babies and he is happy but his dream to see the different places and spending his time. Once he sends emails to the radio. Mr. Admiral once doing a show in the radio broadcast in someone new places named polar regions. He sent the Mr. Popper gifted him Penguin. He is really happy after having a penguin. He gives a very impressive named Captain Cook. His penguin suffering a serious disease. He really sad and wants to do something for his penguin that’ why he calls his friend named curator. Curator gives him a female penguin. She penguin also suffering a disease. Of two penguins gives 12 penguins.

Both penguins really set with each other. The house of two penguins is really short that’ why Mr. Popper makes new icebox for both of them. After few times, the female gives egg. The eggs hatch and beautiful babies of the penguins come out. Soon she again gives eggs and eggs hatch and new babies come out. A pair of two penguins gives 12 penguins. The babies of penguins really beautiful. The baby of Mr. Popper really happy after having this baby. they really take care of penguins. The babies of the Penguins grow up and they make a lot of fun with penguins. They make a lot of shows by using these penguins. They use these penguins as characters and earn a lot of money. After that, they solve these penguins to other peoples. They sold these penguins to the North Pole.