Perfume: The Story of a Murderer – Review

PerfumePerfume: The Story of a Murderer – Review

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is written by Patrick Süskind. 1985 is the publishing date of this saga. Alfred A. Knopf (US) and Hamish Hamilton (UK) is the publisher of this saga. This one tale is in German language and also translated into the English language.

Grenouille is the main character of this saga. 1738 is the years when he born. Paris, France is the hometown of his. He is living with his mother, suddenly his mother died and he became orphan. He is alone in the whole world. Grenouille really extraordinary by smelling different things he has an ability to walk move and work in the complete absence of light. These capabilities make him superior to other odors. This odor comes from a girl. She is going by holding a wine bottle. He kills her and moves somewhere else.

Once he was alone and thinking about all odors suddenly he smells very bad odors. This odor comes from a girl. She is going by holding a wine bottle. He kills her and moves somewhere else. Baldini is the maker of perfume. He works in the company. He met the Grenouille. They soon start working together. Grenouille knows how to purify the different smell elements from its original form. He knows the whole process of distillation. After that, he moves elsewhere. He works as the perfume maker, he hides in the cave many times and a long period of time. And he hides once in the cave located in the mountain of Montpellier. Grenouille still remains in touch of perfume. Daily use of life, he makes a perfume and use. Everyone smell this smell thinks this one is the natural smell of human body.

He is a genius by nature and making of perfume is its passion. He started making perfume by killing the young girls. And he uses her bodied for the formation of different perfumes. He kills many teenage girls. He knows the process of extraction and preservation able him to achieve their goals. In this way, he kills numbers of girls to fulfills desires. Soon he is in the under of police here he shows his frustration towards peoples. He comes again in Paris where his body in front of a number of Paris inhabitant. The body is cut into pieces and used for the making of perfume.

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