Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov – Comedy Novel

Pnin-by-Vladimir-NabokovPnin by Vladimir Nabokov 

Pnin is written by Vladimir Nabokov. The published date of this tale is 1957. The publisher of this tale is Heinemann. The main character of this tale is Timofey Pavlovich Pnin. All the story moved around this person.

This tale includes seven chapter. The first chapter starts the foreword of Timofey Pavlovich Pnin. Pnin is a professor of Waindell College Russian and Pnin is a physically powerful chest and small legs and a female foot. Pnin provides a visitor lecture.

Overview of Novel

Pnin is tirelessly worried that he misplaces his lecture papers. He identifies that he lost his papers in salt a bus to Cremona. This chapter ends without enlightening Pnin accurate papers. In the second chapter tell the Laurence Clements a member of Wendell and also his wife Joan look tenant when his daughter Isabel this chapter also introduced by Mrs. Thayer and also Dr. Liza Wind Pnin ex-wife. Victor is a son of Liza Eric. After that, make clear that the real father of victor is Pnin.

The third chapter of this tale tells Pnin loneliness. This chapter ends when his daughter Isabel come back. She divorces. she enforced to Pnin that discover a new home. The four-chapter start Victor Wind. He is fourteen years old and he has many desires. Imagine that he is a son of a king. He is an artist and he has a great talent for drawing image. In this chapter, he gets to assemble his real father chapter 5 Pnin approved and drive The Pines, the summer home, and expatriate friend. He congregates meeting of Russian thinker. In this chapter, the Pnin meet Mira Blocking. She is Jewish girl and first love of Pnin.

In chapter 6, Pnin is in conclusion determined to rent a house. He is very happy and wants to have fun this occasion. He asks Clements, Mrs. Thayer, quite a few Wendell members. He also invites Betty Bliss, a student of Pnin. And the last chapter Vladimir Vladimirovich gathering with Pnin. V.V. had an affair with Liza the Pnin ex-wife. V.V is a new leader of Wendell Russian department and also offers Pnin to live.

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