Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu – Review


Carmilla is a written by the Author named Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. 1871-72 is the publishing date of this saga.

Carmilla by  Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu 

Le Fanu is the writer of this saga. He explains the life of a man named Dr. Hesselius. In the first part of this saga, he leaves his medical store and goes elsewhere. Laura is the heroine of this saga. She is a protagonist, her mother dies when she was a child. She and her father live together. Her father is a very rich man and lives in Styria a small forest. Her father works as Austrian Empire. Once she was 12 years old she and her father were met her father friend named General Spielsdorf. He is her father closed friend and his niece is very close to Laura. Once they come to meet them and her friend die. Everyone shock after hearing this news.

So, time goes fast, she met a girl named Carmilla. she met Laura after receiving an injury after the horrible accident. Both nature really same they love and like to each other company. Carmilla and her mother starting living with them. Her mother does the job and she is no more lives with her daughter. So, she leaves her with the Laura and her father. After that Carmilla starting living them and her mother return after three months. During this all time, she and Laura becomes best buddies. Laura is really good and sweet girl. On the other hand, Carmilla very moody girl. Her mood changed quickly.

Once they talk Laura see very unusual movement towards the Carmilla. She feels Carmilla is not normal human beings. Soon, she hurt the Laura badly. Many women of the town, where this all happening. Her father really frightened after see her daughter condition. This time she and her father go elsewhere for the treatment of the Laura. Where they met many doctors and other peoples and they come to know that Carmilla was the Vampire.

After that, she and her father move towards the Italy and here her father really take care her. She recovers soon but her condition is not like that as she was. This is really amazing story author describe the whole tale skillfully and got the attraction of peoples.

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