Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Interview-with-the-Vampire-by-Anne-RiceInterview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Interview with the Vampire is written by Anne Rice. Anne Rice is an American well-known writer. This is fantasy novel and the adapted for film and drama much time and got the attention of peoples around the world. May 5, 1976, publishing date of this saga and Knopf is the publisher of this vampire novel.

Louis is the main character of this saga. He is living his life and told his all life story. She lives almost 200 years based life. He is a vampire by nature. He is living with his friends named Lestat. They feed on his early life on the birds, animals and other blood contains living organisms. Finally, Louis trained by his friend Lestat. He started to killing and sucking the human blood. Both threes vampire killed many human beings.

Once they were in the New Orleans, Louis saw a very young baby girl was with her mother. He fed on her but not kill her. She was in normal position. He leaves her there alone and goes. When he was gone, he comes know that may be Latest kill her so he comes back and saves him. He and Lestat give her a name Claudia. She started living them. They told and give the education of vampirism.

In the start, Last treats her badly but after that, he changed his attitude towards her. She just likes a baby and has a very small body. She thinks this all is happened just because of the Last. He is 60 years old but her body is very small like 7 years old baby. Anyway, she and Louis make a plan to kill the Last and go towards the Europe. Once the Last comes to the attack, he got many injuries soon the Lou is also attacked him and go towards the Europe.

In Europe, she met a team of the vampire. Louis and she very happy. She feels real freedom here she met an Armand. He is the master of vampire and lives from 400 years. They move here to Paris and many other memorable places. they were happy to be here. Madeleine is also a vampire. He met Claudia and fall in love. They started living together.

Suddenly, the Last appear and lock the Claudia and Madeleine in one box and Louis another box. He kills them and Louis soon free by the help of Armand. Louis moves a kill all vampire and also kill the Last. He is really worried about the Claudia. She was his best friend he feels so alone after her death. Then he and Armand moves elsewhere and start his new life.

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