Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary -PDF

Ramona-QuimbyRamona Quimby, Age 8 – PDF

Ramona Quimby is the novel that was written by Beverly Cleary. This tale got position six in the series. The name of the series Romana series. This is really famous among the baby of the world. Ramona Quimby is a baby girl and in 3rd grade. Her new place really inspired, she feels happy and calm. This one is followed by Ramona Forever. This one is proceeded by Ramona and Her Mother.

William Morrow is the publisher of this novel. 1981 is the publishing date of this English novel. Alan Tiegreen is the illustrator of this child Novel. The writer writes and arrange this book amazingly and got the attention of children. This one becomes really famous. The author arranges the whole personalities superbly and makes more books for children.


This is a child based story. The main character of this novel is Ramona Quimby. She is a baby girl, just 8 years old. She is in 3rd grade. Then she was admitted to a new school. She is really happy in new school. Ramona finds here some new friends and has a lot of fun here. They all top aged kids in this new school. She is happy and enjoys. Soon, she becomes really sad when she opens her bag and not find her eraser. Her eraser is not in her bags. Her eraser steals his new boy fellow. She wants to get her eraser. She makes a plan and decided to be no sadder about her eraser.

Ramona is really intelligent and knows and learn all her period. She always feels happy and loving reading and writing. Her bed and the really annoying period are that when a break comes. In break time, she opens her lunch box. When she sees her eggs, she uses to crack these. Her mother sometimes not boil her eggs. When she cracks her eggs on her head. Eggs make her head is really false. Bed smell spread everywhere in the class. Her teacher named Mrs. Whaley take her and go towards the Principal office. In that time, no one sits with her she feels really bad. This time is her worse time. But time goes Fast, everyone habitual to her behavior.

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