The City of Mirrors Novel by Justin Cronin – Review

The-City-of-MirrorsThe City of Mirrors is the final novel of the series “The Passage”. The City of Mirrors was written by Justin Cronin. This novel was published in 2016. This novel followed the novel The Twelve. The City of Mirrors was released finally by Ballantine Books on 24 May 2016. The City of Mirrors is supposed to be a part of the series along with the other novels of this trilogy. The famous director Ridley Scott is Going to direct all these horror movies. It is a horror novel.

The City of Mirrors starts where the previous novel The Twelve ended, The City of Mirrors is picking up the destruction of The Twelve and all the viral followers of it. The Novel is exploring the background of the subject ground zero. The City of The Mirrors is telling about how the first human is going to be changed in the 21st century. The novel also twists around the lengthy flashbacks. After the lengthy and twisty flashes, the novels thrill the readers by jumping 900 years into the future to explore the humanity’s fate.

Justin Cronin wrote a phenomenal novel The Passage in 2010, the novel was a great success. The story was beautiful and unforgettable. The critics and the readers compared this story to the books of Michael Crichton, Margaret Atwood, Cormac McCarthy and Stephen King. The novel was enchanted by the readers all over the world. The novel also became the best seller.

You enjoyed The Passage, and u were thrilled by it, you faced The Twelve and experienced its horrors, now get ready to be smacked by The City of Mirrors. The City of Mirrors is the final reckoning the trilogy. Justin Cronin became the bestseller by the previous two books. Now the author is going to write the finale of these best sellers. The band of Justin Cronin’s hardened survivors is going to experience the most unspeakable darkness.

The old world the peaceful world is gone, what is coming what is rising?

The terrifying and dreadful hundred years the reign of cold darkness that descended the world has ended. And The Twelve have been destroyed by all of this. The survivors who have barely managed to survive are coming out from their walls, they are determined and strong to build the society. They are hopeful for their future.

Zero, he awaits far from them, in a dead metropolis. Father of the Twelve and the First. The suffering he that he encountered in his life haunts him. And the hate that brought to him by all of this burns bright. His anger and thirst will only be met by the death of the humanity’s only hope. Amy the Girl who grew from nowhere to rise against him.

One last time Amy and her friends will fight the darkness and they will know their fate.

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