The Crucible by Arthur Miller – Review

The-Crucible-by-Arthur-MillerThe Crucible by Arthur Miller – Review

The Crucible is written by Arthur Miller. He is a play writer and this one is his type of Play. Salem witch trials, McCarthyism is the main subject of this saga that is describing by play writer. Salem, and Massachusetts Bay Colony is the main places where this story happens. 1692-1693 is the time period when his story happens. This is based on the peoples of US community.

Martin Beck Theatre is the main place where this drama first time performed by the amazing performer. 22 January 1953 is the year and date when this one is held in this theater. The main cast including E. G. Marshall, Beatrice Straight, and Madeleine Sherwood.

This drama production is too much stylish due to a combination of different shunning beings is the part of this whole production. This one is considered the best and powerful play of the New York Times. Tony Award for Best Play is won by this drama due to its amazing superb and skillful story in 1953.

Betty Parris is the main heroine of this saga. She is the very surprised girl in this saga. She is the daughter of Salem. Once a huge crowd of peoples is gathered in the outside of Parris house. She is really surprised and just wants to investigate the whole situation. John Proctor is also the main character in this saga. He is a local farmer and lives with his family happily. He helps the Parris a lot to find her problems and in results, Parris was able to get rid of this all confusion.

The Crucible is the film make based on this topic. This one is the first film a are based on this topic in 1957. Raymond Rouleau is director of this film. In 1996, the new form of The Crucible with the new cast by the presence of author himself. This one is the nominated for Academy Award and won in the same year. In UK cinemas, this film becomes blockbuster directed by Yaël Farber. The story of this film is used as Opera. In 1961 this one is performed and won the award. Pulitzer Prize for Music and New York Music Critics’ Circle two awards won by this film as when it was adopted as opera. The story is on air many of time in T.V as a drama.

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