The Fireman by Joe Hill – Review

The-Fireman-by-Joe-HillThe Fireman is the novel of famous American novelist Joe Hill. He published his novel on  17 May 2016. The total length of the novel is 768 pages. It was published by William Morrow and Company.

This is the story about a Plague. The horrible plague is speared all over the country. Starts from one city and moves one by one all cities. No one knows how to stop this. Doctors really surprised and named this disease different name such as Draco and Trichophyton. The symptoms were very strange black marks remain in the body of victims.

Overview The Fireman:

Numbers of peoples affected by this disease few are saved. Harper Grayson is the main character of this saga. She is a nurse by profession. Harper Grayson really cares all peoples who are suffering this disease. She is very kind lady and beautiful also. During this, all happening she also receives a golden white mark on her skin. She becomes really ill. Her husband also receives this type of marks. She becomes pregnant and become very weak.

Doctors told her she is not good condition and her baby also. Doctors suggest her to abort her baby. She was really depressed after hearing this news. Her husband really cares her. She feels so much depressed in those days. Finally, a day comes when she decided to not abort her baby. Her husband hears her decision a respect. Finally, a day comes when she gives birth. Her baby not healthy and died after few days. This time England under danger of terrorists.

Many of England sites under danger and collapses. She was really depressed after that but her husband named Harper with her. He is the jobless man. Once he met a man in a hospital. The man has very strange personality yellow hairs with yellows dress. He is fireman by profession. He told him about his job and invite him to starts a job as foreman. Harper accepts his invitation and starts his new job. Then he more told his about all weapons and other important needs of Job. This is great saga contains a great love between the couple and kindness of nurse towards the patients. This is great saga written by author and just considered the masterpiece.

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