The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – Overview

The-HistorianThe Historian is the novel by Elizabeth Kostova. He is an American author. This one his first novel. 2005 is the publishing date of this novel. Vlad Țepeș is the important topic discussing the history. Count Dracula is the main character whole story is going around this Dracula. The author really inspired the Dracula character. She writes this saga and almost 10 years take for the completion of this saga. This is very amazing saga such a very strange and attractive story.

Overview of The Historian:

This novel is not horrible and but really suspense. Gothic, Adventure, Detective is the others names of this saga. This saga is considered is best-selling novel in New York Times. This one is best debut novel in the whole history of America. The story of this saga is used for the making of many films. In 2005, this saga wins an award. In 2007, is used for the making of the film and got the attention of peoples.

This story is a related old book named Vellum Dracula is the main character in this book. The narrator is unnamed. Her father’s name is Paul. Her father told her to find this book as a gift by his professor when her father completes his graduation. This is a really surprising moment when his daughter found the same book as a gift by her teacher as complete her graduation. Dracula is moving here and there and still alive after spending a lot of years. Bartholomew Rossi just wants to find the Dracula. He goes towards the Istanbul. Rossi gives important information about the Dracula to Paul.

Now story moves and comes in years 1950. When Paul and Rossi met this one is very amazing talk. After that, they met not again and Rossi present no one knows where Rossi was gone. The investigation starts everyone just wants to know about the Rossi. Rossi is not anywhere. During the investigation, they find some blood drop in his office. After testing this blood in the lab, they all come to know that this is the blood is the Rossi. After that, Paul starting finding the Dracula. He goes toward different places and met with Dracula. After that, they live and talk many times. In 1970, they travel with Dracula towards Europe.

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