The Embezzler by Louis Stanton Auchincloss – Review


The American author Louis Stanton Auchincloss wrote this novel, The Embezzler. The author is a historian, essayist, and novelist. The best-known books of Louis Auchincloss are the multigenerational stages the Portrait in Brownstone, East Side Story and The House of Five Talents.

The best-known books of Louis Auchincloss are:

  • Multigenerational stages the Portrait in Brownstone,
  • East Side Story
  • The House of Five Talents

Among the other, famous and known novels are the story of a renowned headmaster of a school Groton who is trying to deal with changing times The Rector of Justin, and about the white-collar crime is The Embezzler. The author is known for writing his portraits about the New England society and the old New York.

Review of The Embezzler:

The Embezzler was first written in 1966. It describes the legendary dimensions of American economic history as it was known then. The novel explains the viewpoints and voices to illuminate the economic history then. The novel is inspired by the well-documented fraud case. And the facts of this case the Wall Street fraud case that led to the control of the American stock market taken by the American government after the fraud. The author describes the main players in this case and the case itself very skillfully.

The author also recreates the events and credibility and skills of this case. After knowing the financial crisis of 2008 and reading the similar fraud case of history that have been exposed since then, this novel must read.

The Embezzler is written about a man who was born in plenty of money and wealth. And he enjoyed his lifestyle of youth. The story is about a Guy Prime who tries to secure loans from the money. That he does not have and ended up in prison after his Embezzlements was exposed. No matter what was the reason of his disgrace the Guy Prime remains the most engaging character of Louis Auchincloss.

The fault of Guy Prime was not the greed but a rather enduring tendency in misreading the human character the story is told from three different narrators and viewpoints. The Auchincloss’s tendency of telling the story from different narrators allows the audience to have the bright sense of what comes to light.

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