The Thirteenth Tale – Review of crime novel

The-Thirteenth-TaleThe Thirteenth Tale is the novel by Diane Setterfield. This one is a very suspense creating story. 12 September 2006 is the publishing date of this saga. Atria Books is the publisher of this gothic saga. This novel is published in the United Kingdom.

The Thirteenth Tale – Review 

Vida Winter is the main character of this saga. She is the popular novel writer. Her life is just a secret no one know about her past life. Once, journalists during her interview asked a question about her past life. She refused to answer this question. Margaret Lea is also the main character in this saga. Winter writes about her past life. Winter writes about her whole family and describes how she helps her when she is under stress.

After that, she returns to home after a long time. Her house is located on the upper story of her father shop. Her father is a bookseller. Here she found a letter. She opens this letter this is from the winter. She starts reading this letter and really surprised. In this letter, Winter told her she is ready to tell her about her past life. She is ready to hear the story of his past. She feels so proud she selects her for telling her life secrets. Before going to her house, she reads the book on her father bibliography. There are 12 books of her father but not 13 one is present.

She is going to her house with great curiosity, Winter was looking really comfortable. She told her all life experience. And she told her how she grows up what she bears during her early age, hopes she gets the education. Her, life is full of sorrow. Lea really surprised after hearing her life stories. She shares all impotent secrets of her family after a long time. The secret is present her heart. One thing is common in both of them they both hunt by a ghost. This is really amazing story related with the truth. The author describes the whole characters and places and every important aspect of life superbly.

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