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Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant PDF:

Dinner at the Homesick restaurant is written by American Author named Anne Tylor. She is the superb author and writes a number of novels and got high rank among great authors of America. 1982 is the publication date of this saga. She wins two awards in 1983 named Pulitzer and PEN Awards.

Pearl Tull is the main character of this saga. In this tale, the whole life experiences of Tull explain. Tull’s works, emotions, perspective, thoughts and understanding each and everything related to her is discussed here. The story of this saga starts from the deathbed of Tull. She dies at the age of 85.

Pearl Tull is very sweet and hardworking lady. She met with her Mr. Perfect at the age of 30 named Beck Tull. They met fall in love and got wedded. After that, the relation is more strong by the presence of a child. They are the parents of three children. Sudden bad things happened and the leaves each other. Beck leave her and her child and go elsewhere.

Cozey, Ezra, and Jenny were the children of Pearl and Beck. A horrible period starts when Beck levees them alone and go somewhere else. In the start, Pearl thinks, maybe he kidnapped but after that, he knows he leaves them. Pearl very depressed and doing a job for her children. He struggles for her children. With the passage of time, she becomes really arrogant and abusive.

Cozey is an elder child of Pearl and Beck. Beck absence leave the bad impact on his life. He is very angry and confused boy. He always jealous of other especially his younger boy named Ezra. On the other hand, Ezra is the sweet, well-mannered, happy and kind guy. He helps her mother in daily routine. Jenny is also confused person due to her mother bad behavior.

Ezra has a great experience to cooking food. Ezra hires a small place and makes small restaurant here. He makes here a number of foods and attract the peoples and helps her mom. During here he met a girl named Ruth. She is a foody girl and very nice by nature. Jenny moves towards the medical college and got a higher education. She marries three times. At last, she marries a man who has a number of the children.

Ezra doing the same job of the restaurant and stay with her mother. He really cares her mother love her blindly. Her mother sight totally loose but Ezra helps her. In the last scene of this saga, the Ezra invite the whole family and they all dinner together. This was the memorable day of Pearl.

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