The Longest Ride Novel by Nicholas Sparks – Summary

The-Longest-Ride-by-Nicholas-SparksThe Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

The Longest Ride the 17th adult romance novel of American novelist Nicholas Sparks. It was basically published on 17 September 2013 in the United States of America. This romantic novel was published in English language and includes 568 pages.

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Overview of Book:

Due to the car accident, the life of elderly widower Ira Levinson gets to be laced with that of young undergrad. And named Sophia Danko and the Cowpoke whom she loves a lot, his name was Luke. The novel explains the point of views about these 3 characters as they experience their lives.

Ira Levinson, who is 91 years old and now in weakness, sick health. He is simply hanging on; staying caution simply because of his significant other. Whose name was Ruth, who has passed away, shows up as a picture to help him recollect their coexistence. How they met, the sketches they gathered and the dim days of the WW2.

Only a couple of miles away, The Sophia, a student life of Wake Forest college is going to change always as she meets a sudden love, Luke. Luke is a cowboy and also menace taking bull-rider. Together, they encounter the delights of affection and in addition the challenges that accompany the dangerous career of Luke.

Two couples who have little in like manner, yet whose lives will join with sudden power. Styles specified in the book incorporate the Abstract Expressionism, Bauhaus and Lyrical Abstractionism.

The back-story of the characters, Ruth Levinson and Ira is that they went to Black Mountain College amid their honeymoon. And met with some students and craftsmen at the exhibition of school artist. Ira purchased 6 sketches for Ruth Levinson which would be the start of more than 1000 depictions they would gather concentrating on twentieth-century American Art.

Characters in book incorporate

  1. Ken Noland
  2. Pablo Picasso
  3. Ray Johnson
  4. Pat Passlof
  5. Andy Warhol
  6. Robert Rauschenberg
  7. Jasper Johns
  8. Susan Weil
  9. Elaine de Kooning
  10. Jackson Pollock
  11. Willem de Kooning


  • A film adaptation based on this novel was released on 10 April 2015. This feature film is directed by George Tillman Jr.
  • The screenplay that was based on this novel was adapted by Craig Bolotin.

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