Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey – Review

oscar-and-lucindaOscar and Lucinda – Review

Peter Carey is the writer of this saga. He is a great writer in Australian history writes amazing saga and got attention as well as awards. After writing these novels, he is nominated for awards and wins two awards named Booker Prize Award and Miles Franklin Award in 1988 and 1989. Oscar and Lucinda is considered his best and a great novel. Oscar and Lucinda are the main characters of this tale. The story of two young lives. They met close and falls together. These amazing tales create an intensive impact on reader life.

Oscar Hopkins is the main character of this saga. In this saga, he explains the life of Oscar. He is the son of Cornish. He is young but confused by nature. Oscar has some problems with his strictly religious father. His father is Australian minister named Plymouth Brethren.

On the other hand, the Lucinda is a young girl. She is the hires and buys a new factory of glass. She and Oscar met on a ship. They talk and close to each other. They have same thinking style and also age fellows. Then they both talk about a glass sudden they make a Bet. The bet is related to take the 3 or 4 piece of glass from one place to another. Almost 4km is required and final to take the piece of glass. In these way, they close and finally fall apart. This Bet totally changed both of his lives.

Oscar is young man lives with his parents. He is not a bad man. He is corrupt by nature but pious man. His father is a very religious man and also very sticky in nature, his father brought him to his style. His father wants, he also follows the Anglicanism.

Oscar thoughts were not clear he just wants to know about the religion, he wants to know what is the importance of religion. His early life is full of destruction his mind full of messy not understand the purpose of his life. His life moving where he not care, he joins a school and just wants to talk about the meaning of his life. He found many of peoples are religious but the way he doesn’t know and he thinks more about the GOD. He sees the world and surprised. Once he is going for a trip and finally met a young girl named Lucinda Laplastrier.

Lucinda Laplastrier is the young beautiful girl. She is hired and also runs a glass factory. Laplastrier is very bold and criticized by local peoples. Ahe wears a short dress and many of inhabitant of the local area of Sydney criticized her. Lucinda is independent by nature and not care what peoples think about her. She lives in London much time and then comes back to Sydney again. Lucinda is not ready for the wedding. She just wants to good bride. she struggled hard for finding a new groom for her. In Sydney, she met an Oscar in the nightclub and her boyfriend is also here. when her boyfriend saw her with Oscar attack on her.

In these all situation, the police come and a very horrible situation is attained. After that Oscar and she lives in her house. Where they both close to each other. Both love the glass and share the importance of glass with each other. Finally, they decided to transfer the glass into the Church but how. They make a plan and send. This time is really bad for them her boyfriend behavior was really sudden and bad. Lucinda downfall starts. In the last scene of this saga, her factory totally destroys by her unusual behavior. She feels show depressed and looking so lazy here this time she admitted that fail in her life.

This is the great work by Author. The arrangement of characters, as well as the story, is really superb and brilliant. The author explains the lives of two young ones. How they rise and they fall. This beautiful become very famous after released and got high rank in English literature.

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