How the Steel Was Tempered by Nikolai Ostrovsky

How-the-Steel-Was-TemperedHow the Steel Was Tempered by Nikolai Ostrovsky

It’s a reality-based socialist novel. It is written by Nikolai Ostrovsky. He was a very Soviet writer. How the Steel Was Tempered is one of the most famous books in USSR. He was praised a lot due to his extraordinary spirit. Nikolai Ostrovsky was invalid and blind because of serious disease. But still, he managed to write novel and articles. People who

People who were around him confessed that his life was full of effort and coup. The story of the novel is the autobiography and fictionalized. Three films were produced based on this novel. It was also adapted for television series in China. This novel was also translated into Japanese. The novel has two parts. The first part appeared in 1932 and second part appeared in 1934. He lost his right eye in war. The novel was 41 times republished in Ostrovsky‘s life.

This novel portrays a legendary character Pavel Korchagin. The story begins with a boy slaving in kitchens and restaurant of a railway station in Ukraine. The book not only talks about socialism but also about ashes during the world war one. As the main character of the story, Pavel was under the vast influence of senior Bolshevik, he has gone through the process of active and passive defense to attack. In the war, he realizes that he should be a steel soldier with great willpower and determination. He once said: “our personal business must produce to collective interest”.

Unfortunately, an accident leads Pavel to invalid and permanent handicap and he couldn’t move easily and was unable to fulfill his dreams but then he finally decides and rose to his feet with determination, willpower, with persistence, diligence, and his great confidence. Pavel suffers from physical pains. He gets arrested and tortured by his enemies. He suffered betrayal by his own close friends. Even when he gets paralyzed he took his pen and start writing stories and novels based on his own personal experiences. In communist period a museum was built on his name as a humanitarian cause.

Tonia Toumanova was Pavel‘s teenage love. After their first interaction, they both became very good friends. Later, it turns into an intimate and close relationship. Though she was born in a wealthy and very influential family, Tonia treats everyone with equality, she was very kind-hearted and unlike her friends who only interact with other children who are from well-reputed families. However, with time this changed as she grew up, she became more conscious and aware of her appearance and social status of others. Ostrovsky had described the depressive and tensed atmosphere of Pavel’s home, all his suffering during the time when he became an invalid, the failure of his relationship with his wife, leading to their separation.

The most famous lines from Pavel in the novel was “No matter what we do”, we should remain persistence until the last minute of success. Meanwhile, persistence is of great influence and proves itself a great power which can stimulate one to overcome difficulties and attain success. Pavel says grasp each minute of your life to contribute to the development of society.

Korchagin does not let anything destroy his spirit, determination and retains his positive outlook on life until the end of his life. In work and war, Korchagin’s view about life is described by Nikolai Ostrovsky in the brilliant way that is Our dearest custody is life. It is given to us only once. We must live it without any torturing and regrets for idle away time. The book follows the development of socialism. Pavel says we should consume our time in doing humanitarian acts we never know when this life ends.

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