Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume – Review

Tales-of-a-Fourth-Grade-NothingTales of a Fourth Grade Nothing – Review

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is an educational novel that was written by Judy Blume. He is an American author and this novel is especially for children that’ why this novel is also called as children novel. 1972 is the publishing date of this saga. Fudge series, this novel is in the first position after this novel many novels of this series is published.

Roy Doty is the illustration of this book. This one is again pointing in 2002 and this time publication quite different all picture of this saga remove in that time. This is the story of two brother one is 9 years old and other is 2 years old both living with each other and younger brother continually disturb his brother in result his brother really angry. In this whole story, we see the fighting of two brothers. younger brother doing really horrible things and in result goes to a hospital.

This one is a gift of the child. This story is based on two main characters named Peter Hatcher and his young brother named Fudge. They share the same room. Peter Hatcher is just 9 years old and the Fudge is only 2 years old. They live very happily and anger life. Fudge is always disturbing a lot. He really infatuation by his brother activities, He told his parents but his parents do not pay attention to both his fight. Peter has a pet whose name was Dribble. He really loves his pet. His pet is a turtle. He really loves and cares for his pet. His brother Fudge always disturb his pet. Peter does not buy this pet from any shop he wins at his birthday party.

Once Fudge was playing in the local public playground. During playing his teeth broke. He was really crying after that. Once when Peter come back from school. He takes turtle food and moving towards turtle jar. He saw no one turtle in his jar. The turtle is engulfed by Fudge. Fudge admitted in the hospital. Doctor operate the Fudge and see the died Dribble in the stomach of Fudge. The turtle lost his life. Peter was really sad after losing his pet. His parents bought one dog for Peter. But Peter really misses his turtle. This is the really amazing saga for children. This is just a masterpiece for the child.

The writer uses amazing style and easy language to attract people. The writer writes this novel amazingly. Judy Blame is a brilliant writer, he writes many novels and he knows all of the tricks, which things attract people towards reading.

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