The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi – Review

The-Adventures-of-Pinocchio-by-Carlo-CollodiThe Adventures of Pinocchio:

This novel is one of the most famous novels. It’s written by Italian author Carlo Collodi in Pescia. Till now, The Adventures of Pinocchio is translated into 240 languages. The first half of novel was originally a serial in 1881 and 1882 and later completed as a book for children in February 1883. It is animated adventures novel for children. According to research by UNESCO, it is most readable novel and has been translated into most languages.

The novel has widely adapted in films, theater, cartoons and television series. The main characters of the novel are Pinocchio and Geppetto. Many concepts and features of the novel become famous and used as a proverb. For example, long nose of Pinocchio is considered as a person who tells lies. There is monuments and artwork dedicated to Pinocchio.

The story begins with a carpenter who finds a talking wood piece and he gives that to his poor neighbor Geppetto. He carves it and names it Pinocchio. Pinocchio runs away when he learns to walk. Pinocchio goes back to Geppetto where he accidentally kills a talking cricket with a hammer because he warns Pinocchio about disobedience. The Same night, Pinocchio burns off his feet on a stove while he falls asleep. Geppetto makes a new pair of feet to him.

Pinocchio decides to start school in gratitude. On his way to school, he sells his books to buy a ticket in order to watch a Marionette Show in a theater. The Marionette recognizes him and call him on stage to use him as firewood but leaves him giving five gold coins to give Geppetto. On his way, he meets a Lame Fox and fake blind cat. A blackbird warns Pinocchio about them but cat eats the bird. They make Pinocchio fool and ask him if he plants these coins in the soil it will grow into a gold coin tree.

A fairy rescues Pinocchio from cat and fox along with bandits who hang him to a tree while he was talking to fairy. The doctors who are owl, crow and talking cricket ghost tells about his status. Cricket ghost tells he is fine. When fairy asks him about coins he even lies to her.

When Pinocchio goes back to meet his father he again encounters with fox and cat who makes him fool again. He then digs those coins into the mud and when he leaves they stole those coins and run away. When Pinocchio returns he finds no Gold coin tree. Pinocchio gets poisoned for 4 months because of his foolishness. When he returns he find’s that fairy is no more. A pigeon sees him mourning the death of fairy. He takes him to the seashore where Geppetto is making the boat in order to find Pinocchio.

Suddenly a Dogfish swallows the Geppetto. Pinocchio miraculously meets the fairy who he recognized but she is old now. She tells him if he will do good in studies he will be turned into a real boy. Pinocchio starts doing studies very good and all boys get jealous of him and make tricks against him. Pinocchio saves Aldiro, who is a police dog and was chasing him. Meanwhile, he also protects Pinocchio now. Fairy promised Pinocchio that next day he will be a boy so he should invite all his friends.

Pinocchio finds Geppetto while he dives in water into Dogfish from where they survive themselves. Pinocchio starts doing a job. One day fairy comes in his dream she kisses him and when he wakes he turned into a real boy. He finds that fairy left books, suits and bag for him in which he finds 40 pennies he gave to fairy. Geppetto comes back to health. Pinocchio finds Gold pennies in the bag.

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