The Lost World Novel by Michael Crichton – Review


Overview of The Lost World:

Michael Crichton is the writer of this saga named The Lost World. This one saga in published in number two in the series of the Book. John Hammond is the main character of this saga. He really arrogant man by nature. He is the owner of a company named In Gen. The main purpose or work of this company to making the clone of a dinosaur by using old or ancient samples. John Hammond is the main mastermind of this activities. He builds a part for production and development of dinosaur. In the first book, he develops the dinosaur and place in the theme park. The dinosaurs grow and killed the peoples who really take care them. This one saga based on very strange and different topic with limited character.

Malcolm is the creator of this dinosaur. He receives severe injuries and become very ill. The dinosaur badly attacks him. He comes to his normal life after few times. Isla Nublar is the main place where the park is located. They are free or may kill other peoples. Richard Levine decided to find them and she invites the Malcolm to come with her and help her for finding.

Malcolm accepts his invitation and they join to each other very soon. Firstly, they decided to go towards the site B. In this place where the secretly grow plants. They are in this park where the dinosaur is present. They arrange the part according to the dinosaur needs. One day, Levine and Diego are in the park suddenly a dinosaur comes and attack on them Diego killed Dinosaurs. Levine sees this whole situation and calls the Malcolm. Malcolm’s  friends moving towards them. Finally, they reached and save Levine’ life. Levine behavior is really bad towards the Malcolm. She is a beautiful but arrogant lady by nature.

Sarah Harding is the friend of the Malcolm coming especially for him. She comes on the island and sees the Dinosaur Park. She is not only one human coming here. A number of peoples in past come here and see the park. After that, a group of peoples they all are scientist comes here. They want to see the procedure to make the clone of the dinosaur. They want to steal the Dinosaurs eggs and wants to explore somewhere else. Malcolm’ team is the responsible all dangerous happening. The many peoples lost his lives.

Malcolm’ teams are responsible for giving an answer to the love one of the dying peoples. After that, he and his team make plan who to save the peoples of the world. This saga is really amazing and based on very different topic. The writer chooses a really different topic and gains a huge attention and good response of people.

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