The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan – Review

The-Thirty-Nine-Steps-by-John-BuchanThe Thirty-Nine Steps – Review

John Buchan is the writer of this saga named The Thirty-Nine Steps. This one is completely thrilling and adventure novel. The novel is based on the intelligence of a man named Richard Hannay who is developing a plot under the supervision German anarchists. This novel is publishing in 1914. After publication, it becomes very famous and got the high attention of readers. Hannay is the hero and his whole life is based on a black book. He really struggles to find and get this book. The book contains important secrets. But he is unable to get this book finally he decided to join the army. This one saga is just piece of art.

Richard Hannay is the main character of this saga. He lives his normal and ordinary life. Once a man named Scudder, he is the visitor and met with him. He told him about a sinister plot. After that, Scudder told him for help. So, he gives him a flat for the living. Scudder takes a black book and writes the plot sinister in it. One day, the Richard Hannay goes his flat and found him dead. He dies by a sharp knife. No one knows how he dies. Police investigate his case but not find the real killer. After that, Hannay takes his black book.

The black book contains some important secrets. He is unable to open this one because this one is locked by a code. No one knows the code of this black book. At that time, a big war is a started between the England and Europe. Hannay arrested by police. He is in the day he runs away from jail.

Sir Harry is a minor but important character in this tale. He helps the Henny and he gives him a contact number of great Politician name Sir Walter Bullivant. He met him and talk him. After that, he with the group of peoples gone to a special presentation somewhere else. Here, he attends the meeting and met new people.

The meeting is going to start Bullivant is also present in this meeting. These special and suspense issues are discussed in this meeting. Sea Lord Alloa is the British Nobel man also a part of this meeting. Hannay comes here and attends this meeting just because of getting a black book. The black book is present in the England depart and no one knows where is the black book. This book is very special containing Thirty-Nine Steps. In the last scene of this saga, Hanney decided to join the army.

The whole story of this saga based on the one book named Black Book. This Book contains Thirty-Nine Steps. This is very suspense story based novel. This novel attracts the public attraction and got good position. Author arrange and describe the story very superbly. This book is considered the best book in a 20th century.

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