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War and Peace, is written by Leo Tolstoy. He is a Russian Author. It is a Fiction Novel. This saga is considered his best work ever. This saga is serialized between in 1865 and 1867. The complete book of this saga is published in 1869. In 2009, this book got the position in 100 best novels of English literature. This one saga ranked in 10 greatest and best novels of all time in 2007. This saga is not a book rather a poem. Different chapters and subchapters are made for the description of this saga. The entire saga is arranged very well. The story is relying upon between war and peace. The story explains the complete description of war in one volume. In another volume, the writer describes the peace after war and before a war.

Overview of War and Peace:

War and peace, is best but very longest novel. Tolstoy starts writing this saga in 1805. He got wedded same year. He writes one volume of this saga. In this second volume of this tale, the author really inspired by himself. He decided to write own views and inspiration. The first volume is complete after a long time in 1863. Russian Messenger was the publisher of this saga. His wife also copied this saga and published own way. This manuscript also got the high attraction of peoples. Different short stories and short book are based on this topic formed and published.

In 1983, this saga is again edited and published. This saga is translated into a number of languages. Tolstoy explains the important impact of the war in this saga. This saga further divided into Four books. Two books are containing the first volume and other two books contain the second volume. This saga once divided in too many short books. The history is the main topic of this saga.

The main topic of this tale is the history of the war between Russia and French. Also, describe the impact of the Napoleonic area in this whole war. What impact of war on the government of both nations. The advantages and disadvantages are describing in this saga. Reasons of war and impotence of elements of the novel. The book got high-rank attention and positive response from the public. This saga is complete informative novel and not easy to understand. The very amazing saga famous entire world.

This saga is just a masterpiece among a number of Author book. The Author writing style is really amazing and making gaps between novel is quite attractive. Author explain each and every aspect of this saga very skillfully. This book is really famous and considered the all-time best book of the English literature.

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