The Gates of Hell by Michael Livingston – Review

The-Gates-of-HellThe Gates of Hell by Michael Livingston

The Gates of Hell is the novel that was written by Michael Livingston. This fantasy historical novel was originally published on 15 November 2016. This is saga is about the hell. The knowledge about hell is described here, the author explains that each and every step of life responsible for the upcoming events happened in men lives. The bad deeds reward as hell and good deeds reward as Paradise. This saga is about a family who lives in Numidia. The total length of this novel is 400 pages.

Numidia is the state where this family has created the own government after conquest this area. Juba is the main character in this saga. He was the king of Numidia. His forefathers conquest this area and start living here. Juba is not the real son of a king. King’s wife unable to give a baby birth that’s why they decided to adopt a baby. The baby was Juba and become king after his death of his father.

Julius Caesar was the name of Juba’s father and first king of this family. Cleopatra is also an important character in this saga lives in Numidia. Once he met with Mark Antony and fall in love. They met in regular biases. He proposed her and soon they got wedded. They give a baby girl name Cleopatra Selene. She is pretty girl and charming also. Juba saw her and fall in love.

In starts, the Cleopatra Selene no show any interest towards him. Juba told her about his feeling for her and soon they got wedded. Augustus is another son of Julius Caesar. They also adopt this son and he is the brother of Juba. He doesn’t like Juba and just wants to become the king. Many fights are starts between them just to got rank. A severe fight starts between them and destroys the many parts of the states. This time the downfall of this state is beings. The great struggle of Juba and his wife for survival. They really work hard to protect their region. The great love both of them are described. No one knows how to stop is all happening.

Caesarion is also adopted the son of them. He is a cool man by nature and really loving man. He didn’t want rank and live very peaceful and simple life. Caesarion remains apart himself for the fight. A great war is stats between Juba and Augustus and destroys his own palace and state. The story is very great and attracts the people’s attention. This one saga just considered a masterpiece.

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