Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin – Review

Three-Cups-of-TeaThree Cups of Tea is a novel by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. This is based on education of girls and boys of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Penguin is the publisher of this English saga. This tale is followed by Stones into Schools. 2007 is the publishing date of this saga. This book was considered the best-selling book in New York Times for the four years. The author describes here the struggle of his during the establishing the schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They join established 171 schools for girls and boys and education the numbers of girls and Boys. They describe the impotence of education here.

Three Cups of Tea – Review

Greg Mortenson is the main character of this saga. This is a story about 1993. When the hero goes to Pakistan he wants to see the K2. K2 is the second largest peak of the world. This one is located in the Karakoram. The Karakorum is an area of Gilgit-Baltistan which one is the province of Pakistan. Greg Mortenson climbs this peak and refreshes the memory of his sister she is no more with him. He and other climber remain in K2 for 70 days. After that, the come back to the earth and meet the chief of Korphe. Korphe is the small rural area and Haji Ali is the owner of this region.

Greg Mortenson remains here few times. After that, he comes to know there is no school in this region. He decided to build a school in this village. Greg feels that the peoples of these regions are not educated. He collects money and meets with CAI and request for the establishing the school for children. During the establishing of this school, he bears many problems. He collects funds for the development of 55 schools. During this whole process, many murders of Islamic noble peoples takes place. He makes the schools of boys and girls.

This tale is really amazing based on a special topic related to education. In this saga, the author describes his problems during the formation of schools he faces many peoples many to town inhabitation no wants any school in this region. Here author forces the peoples how much education important for the development of a country.

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