Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – Review

Atlas-Shrugged-by-Ayn-RandAtlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – Review

Atlas Shrugged is the novel of Ayn Rand that was originally published in 1957 by Random House in the United States. It was the 4th and last novel of Ayn Rand and it was published in the English language. The extensive novel of her so its first edition includes 1168 pages. It is Romance, Science Fictional, and Mystery Novel. This novel contains the lengthiest statement of objectivism of Rand in any of her works of fiction. In the realm of fiction writing, she considered it to be her magnum opus.

Rand describes the main theme of her novel: “The role of man’s mind in existence”. When this novel was published in 1957, it received negative reviews in a larger amount. Nevertheless, in the following decades, it achieved consistent sales and enduring popularity.

The story of this book explores many philosophical themes, later on, Rand develops Objectivism from it. Novel expresses the sponsorship of capitalism, reason, the failures of governmental coercion and individualism.

The title of this book is the reference to the Atlas, a “Titan” labeled in the novel as “The giant who holds the world on his shoulders”. The novel includes 3 parts and each consists ten chapters. The title of every chapter has several meanings that are enough to enhance the curiosity of the reader.

3 parts in Atlas Shrugged

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