Gone Girl novel by Gillian Flynn – Review


Gone Girl is a novel by Gillian Flynn. 2012 is the publishing date of this thrilling novel. Crown Publishing Group is the publisher of this English novel. This novel is considered is the best-selling novel. Many dramas and films based on this novel make and got the attraction of peoples.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Review

This tale consists two parts. In the first part, author describing wedding relation is between extraordinary different beings. Nick Dunne and Amy is the main character in this saga. They are husband wife. In this first part, some difficulties of these relationship show.

Nick is disturbing his wife Amy by telling his present relation and as a result, Amy also disturbing his by telling her past relationship. Here is the confusion of past and the present relationship is on. Nick is very idle irritating and grumpy by nature. Amy is better than his and bears his attitude very generously.

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They both employ and independent beings. They do the job in New York once a time comes when they lose their jobs and come back to the Nick ancestral home where his mother is present. His mother is really old and sick woman. His house is located in Missouri. Amy is really attached to her mother in law and really take care her. She feels loves to live here she is not like the Midwest. The life of both Nick and Amy going better with a mother. And the time comes when Amy disappeared. Everyone thinks Nick killed her.

In the second part of this saga, the Amy hide in some place no one knows about her. Finally, she met Desi Collings he was her ex-boyfriend. She told him relation between her and Nick and she requests him for help. Desi Collings hide him in his lake house. Amy become pregnant.

Finally, the day comes when she kills his ex-boyfriend and go towards the Nick. Amy told the Nick she is really missing him someone kidnapped her but Nick knows she is lying. So, she decided to leave her alone. When he comes to know that she is pregnant and becoming the mother of Nick child he changed his plan and starting living with her just because of his Upcoming baby.

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