5 Best Books that were presented as the Movies

1. The Once and Future King by T.H. White

  • Movie: X-Men: Apocalypse


The Once and Future King is written by Terence Hanbury White. It was the Arthurian fantasy novel that was published in 1958. The Once and Future King contains 4 stories. This novel features many times for the movies as “The Sword in the Stone” released in 1963, “The Queen of Air and Darkness”, and “The Candle In The Wind”. Since all of the stories deal with the human nature in respect to the power and justice. The film X-Men: Apocalypse released in 2016 illustrates Charles Xavier reading lines from the book “The Once and Future King” with his students.

You may also download the novel in PDF and Kindle versions, links are given below.

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2. Modesty Blaise by Peter O’Donnell

  • Movie: Pulp Fiction

Vincent Vega

Modesty Blaise is the Spy Fiction novel that was written by Peter O’Donnell. This novel was published in 1965 in the United States of America. Modesty Blaise is the featuring character that was created by O’Donnell for a British comic strip in the year 1963. The character of John Travolta was played by a hit man whose name was Vincent Vega, he can be seen two times reading the book while using the bathroom in a Tarintino film, titled as Pulp Fiction.

You may also Download the incredible novel in PDF and Kindle Format.

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3. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

  • Movie: King Kong (2005)

Jamie Bell

Heart of Darkness is a novella that was written by Joseph Conard. He published his novel in 1899. Heart of Darkness has been enormously persuasive on many books and films, most remarkably the motion film Apocalypse Now that was directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The book makes its appearance in 2005 in the movie of Peter Jackson, entitled as King Kong. The character of Jimmy played by the Jamie Bell, and he can be seen reading the book while discussing his future with another character of the movie. This is quite suitable as the movie explores the similar themes to the book.

This incredible novel is freely available to download, All available links are given below.

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4. Twenty-One Stories by Graham Greene

  • Movie: Donnie Darko

The Destructors

Twenty-One stories is the novel of famous novelist Graham Greene. Graham originally published his novel in 1954. As the title of this novel suggests, it’s a collection of 21 short stories. All the 21 stories were written by Graham Greene between 1929 and 1954 and he covers a vast range of the topics. Out of 24, One story is titled as “The Destructors” and this story tells us about the group of some boys who abolishes the beautiful old house.

5. Complicity by Iain Banks

  • Movie: Hot Fuzz

desk sergeant

Complicity is a novel that was published in 1993 by famous novelist Iain Banks. The author tells us about the story of a serial killer. The murders in this book that he commits are all not only very obvious but also very creative. The movie that was based on this novel was “Hot Fuzz”, it was directed by Edgar Wright. The role of desk sergeants was played by the Bill Bailey. He can be seen reading the novel. The movie is about the police who was trying to solve a series of bizarre deaths in an English village. It is a really appropriate choice of the reading material.

You may also download the “Complicity by Iain Bank” without copyright claims. All links are given below.

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