Review of Shoe dog by Phil Knight – Creator of Nike

Shoe-dogReview of Shoe dog by Phil Knight

Shoe dog is a candid memoir by Phil Knight the founder and CEO of the famous shoe brand Nike. In his self-written biography author describe how he started his business with very little money. Phil tells very boldly about the inner reality and difficulties he had to face to develop his small dream into the most iconic and unique shoe brand of the world.

This is a true and exciting self-written biography. First time in the history the Nike CEO and founder Phil Knight tells the story of his company’s early days very openly and in a bold way. Phil Knight shares about the evolution of the company as a best profitable brand. And becoming a game-changing and most iconic company in shoemaking in the world.

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Phil Knight took $50 from his father in 1962 after coming out from the business school and developed a company. With a simple goal and mission, to import low-cost and high-quality athletic shoes from Japan. By selling the shoes in his first year in business Phil grossed $8,000 from the trunk of his lime. In today’s world, Nike’s grossed sale is 30 billion dollars. In its start-up age, Nike is the ne plus ultra for all the startups. And it increased and revolutionized rapidly and became an icon globally and is the symbol of quality around the whole world today.

But the man behind the success of the company “Knight” has always been a mystery. Now first time ever in a biography he speaks honestly, humbly, gutsy and ironically he describes his story beginning from his very first day. At the age of 24 after traveling the world he decided to start his own business. And he carried a conventional path, but he decides to develop a business that would be unique and different.

Phil Knight describes all the risks he had to face and all the setbacks he had to see to achieve his dreams. And all the troubles that stood between him and his first victory. But most importantly he tells the story about all his initial partners. And employees a group misfits and seekers who became a band of brothers. Working together and harnessing all of their power to convert their dream into reality. Their shared dream and their deep belief in sports spirit became a brand that revolutionized the world.

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