Some Behind The Scenes Facts About Harry Potter

Some Behind The Scenes Facts About Harry Potter


In the series of Harry Potter, the character of young girl Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom was played by an old actress who had 37 years of age. And she was the oldest actress playing a young role in the movie. The character of Ron Weasley uses to swear a lot in the original book. But the decided it wouldn’t be appropriate for the young readers, so the skipped this. The professor Snape knew the end of his character at the start of the series because j.k Rowling told him. The French meaning of Voldemort is the flight of death.

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  • Harry and RowlingHarry-and-Rowling

The most impressive coincidence of the series was that the writer J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter (Daniel Redcliff) had the same birthday, which was July 31.

  • Author


The publisher of the books suggested Rowling to use her initials to attract the audience and to attract male readers the took K from her grandmother’s name, J. K. Rowling. Her own name was Joanne Rowling. Rowling created the character of Hermione on herself at the age of 11 and she created her favorite animal for the character Patronus an otter.

  • Fun Factsfun-facts-of-harry-potter

Ron was removed from the sets when Harry and Hermione kissed in the deathly hallows because he was laughing too loud. One of the cars used in the series was stolen and it was reported after seven months. When the part Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban was released. The writer asked the sellers to not sell before the schools closed to prevent truancy.

  • Moneyharry-potter-vs-twilight

The least earning movie of the series Harry Potter and The Prisoner of the Azkaban made 90 million$ more than any Twilight movie.