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Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray


Vanity Fair (novel)

This saga is based on the life history of one family. In Vanity Fair, the author explains the lifestyle of this particular family as well as the friends and other relatives. This saga is held after the wars. The main wars are under discussion is Napoleonic Wars. When is the advantages of this war as well as disadvantages are discussed. What happens during and after these wars and what important impact on people’s life.

Becky Sharp and Emmy Sedley amid is the main character of this saga. Both really close to their family and friends that’s why the families of both as well as friends also major elements of this saga. Both are a major part and story followers their all activities as well as liking and disliking. Not only their lives but also explain the lives of friends and families related them. Becky Sharp and Emmy Sedley really close to each other loves each other. How they met and fall in love. They spend a number of moments and share great memories.

Suddenly, a bad event happened and they go apart.  The friends of both join them again and make their lives happier. The all happening on their lives bad events happy moments are explain. This saga contains a great story with a number of good characters. This saga just considered the masterpiece among a number of books of the author.

Adaptations of Vanity Fair:

This saga is used for the making of T.V play many times.

  • In 1932, this saga is adapted for film. Chester M. Franklin was the director of this film.
  • This saga again adapted for Mimi film in 1935.
  • In 1956 to 1957, this saga is used for BBC serial. Joyce Redman was the hero of this play.
  • In 1967, another serial was made based on this saga.
  • This serial also on-air in the USA in 1972.
  • In 1976 and in 1998, this saga is used and on-air on T.V. Natasha Little and Eve Matheson was the heroes of this play.
  • In 2004, Mira Nair direct the film based on this saga. This saga adapted for radio program many times and gain a good response from the audience.

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