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Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson – Adult Book

Treasure-Island-by-Robert-Louis-StevensonTreasure Island

Treasure Island is the novel of  Robert Louis Stevenson. He was the Scotish writer and he first published his novel on 14 November 1883.

Billy is the main character of this saga. He is a sailor and loves to live in the sea. Billy met with the Jim. He is also a sailor and starts working with him. Jim hires him for few pennies. Jim lives with his mom and his father died when he was very young. He told him about all life to Billy. He also told him about his previous shipmate. His previous shipmate want a ship Chest but unable to find at all. Dr. Livesey is also the main character of this saga. He is a physician by profession and knows about a secret. Dr. Livesey knows where is huge amount of treasure is buried. He told this all secret to Jim and Billy and they go together for a finding of this treasure.

Silver is also the main character of this saga. He also joins them for finding the vast treasure. They all need this treasure for the money. They invite many other peoples some refuse and some agree. Ben Gunn is English man who joins them. Abraham Gray also a part of this team. Firstly the take map and point out the position where is the Treasure is hidden. Silver told all team members about their work. Jim is really miser man and wants to get all treasure and silver also have the same thinking.

A great war starts between them. Silver attack another team member badly. Silver killed many members. Everyone was surprised after these happening no one know who kill them. Jim also receives great injuries and Smollett become wounded. Silver with his five partner moves fastly towards the treasure. Jim also moves with speed. They reached the same place and fight. The bag of money steal by Silver and he moves elsewhere. The vast treasure hide in his eyes. The vast treasure is fined by a sailor. They all good people decided to divide equally between them. So, everyone receives an equal part. Jim leaves this Island and moves elsewhere and starts his new life.

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