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The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane – Review

The-Red-Badge-of-Courage-by-Stephen-CraneThe Red Badge of Courage Review

The Red Badge of Courage is the novel of famous and incredible American novelist Stephen Crane. He published his novel in October 1895. Major characters of this novel are Wilson, Jim Conklin, The Lieutenant, The tattered soldier and Henry Fleming.

This saga is based on many great battles. The battles of different armies are the major topic of this saga. The first scene of this saga is very ravishing. All soldiers gathered on the riverside in the winter morning. The great sun is on their head. These scenes have a great attraction for all. The water of river becomes shining of the sighted. All sliders enjoy the breakfast here. A number of soldiers were inexperienced and gather here for special training for war.

Everyone comes in surprising condition when they hear about a battle. This one is just a rumor to see the zeals of new soldiers. The rumor gave by the master. Jim Conklin is the main character of this saga. He was a tall and attractive guy. His personality not only attracts the female but to males also. He is a soldier by profession and gives the rumor. Henry Fleming is also the main character of this saga. He works in private company and was very young. And he has a great attraction towards the battle. He also wanted to take part in the battles. After hearing the speech of Jim Conklin, he feels more attraction. His mother also encouraged him.

After the death of his mother, he decided to take part in glorious battles. He thought he is not a strong man. Then he thinks he runs apart during the battle and unable to fight properly. He moves towards the Jim and talk him about his fear and got some advice from him. Wilson is the second man, he told him about his condition. Wilson was the great man and he encouraged him.

The Wilson told him about the important needs of the war. He writes a letter full of advice. After his death, the letter was opened by Henry. After reading this letter, it gives him more strength. At last, the war starts. He feels fears in the start but after that, he memorizes all advice of Wilson. These all increased his confidence. The great batch of blue soldiers was ready and moving towards the enemies. He was also a part of this group. He saw his enemies and hide behind the tree and fight confidently. These all encouraged him and finally, they won this war.

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