The Myth of the Strong Leader by Archie Brown – Summary


The Myth of the Strong Leader: Political Leadership in the Modern Age:

This book was chosen as the book of the year by Bill Gates in 2016. Archie Brown disapproves the modern leaders who have a belief of dominating the world by power. And also tells about the leaders who were most successful at all times. The author describes the qualities of today’s world leaders and compares with the ideal ones. Then he tells about the leaders who were able to mark a difference and change the world for that time.

Leadership is reduced to a simple and a very disturbing concept it is weak versus the strong. But there numerous ways to perform the effective political and social leadership. And there are also a hundred ways to do it wrong. However, it is a reality too that we only blame our leaders for all the political and social fails and depend on them for social reforms. But rarely do we ponder that what makes a leader falter and what makes a leader successful. This book is a brilliant comparison of last hundred and a very wide range comparison about the political leadership. The Oxford University professor who is brilliant in the political study, Archie Brown challenges the very widespread concept of strong leaders, like that leader, is strong who is praised by his colleagues and policy-making process is the most strong, admirable and successful.

In today’s world the reality there is an only small number of political leaders who would make a long-lasting impression. Though we have our ideas a little distracted about the leaders, perhaps a good leader is one who is more collaborative and he has the greatest impact. Archie Brown after getting decades of information and his own intellectual experience and analysis of the great leaders describe the achievements, failures, and weakness of the twentieth-century leaders. The author writes about some of the world’s great leaders. Who were successful in making a change and changing the world for their people and their way of leadership. The leaders who expanded the possibility of what was previously impossible and changed it to possible, like Mikhail Gorbachev, Charles de Gaulle and Nelson Mandela. And the transformational leaders like Lyndon Johnson, Margret Thatcher, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

By changing our ideas about the leaders of modern time’s leader and explaining the leaders of the twentieth century. Brown concludes and enlightens the most important figures of the time. The Myth is about how we should choose our leader. And evaluates the good leaders who will take us to a better future.

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