The Grid by Gretchen Bakke – History Novel


Overview of The Grid:

The Grid: The Fraying Wires Between Americans and Our Energy is written by Gretchen Bakke. She is a Cultural Anthropologist and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. She has her research about the several failing countries including Yugoslavia, Cuba and the Soviet Union. And she is an assistant professor at McGill University and a former fellow at the Wesleyan University’s Science in Society programs. Gretchen Bakke lives in Montreal but calls Washington, D.C. Home whenever she is in America. Bakke was born Oregon Portland.

In this book, she writes about what is considered to be the biggest machine in the world and is called The Grid. She writes the solutions to the problems of this system. And the problems and the lacks of the new world technology in The Grid.

The engineering triumph of America’s electrical Grid of the twentieth century is now seeming to be a poor fit in the present day. And being old is not only the problem with this electrical grid to be a rapid need to repair. This Grid stands in the way of the new hope for energy making systems. These systems are not only efficient but it is also environment e.g. wind solar and other alternatives. This new project of energy making should involve everyone the lawmakers, people with money, people with vision, hippies, and scientists. If we are to cope with the future we need to work. And creative ways to produce energy to meet the twenty-first century’s requirements. This revolution is on its way even if we cannot see clearly it happening.

Gretchen Bakke a Cultural Anthropologist describes the important factors and facts about America’s energy-producing infrastructure. The important dynamic and essential features and the role of this system in affecting everybody’s life and leading to its effect on the whole nation. She argues about the Grid about being an essential American artifact one which developed along with the development of a nation, its occasional foolhardy vision, constant improvisation, some genius technologies and a product of bold expansion. And most importantly she describes the changes that are happening in The Grid right now. This Grid is changing sometimes due to new inventions and sometimes due to new legislation.

The Grid describes very informatively about the machine. Which is considered to be the largest system and technology in this modern-day. And tells about its problems and the future of it and the improvements with the time.

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