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The Last Star by Rick Yancey

The Last Star by Rick Yancey


The Last Star is the novel that was written by famous and incredible American novelist Rick Yancey. It was originally published on 24 May 2016. This is adult Science Fiction Novel.

Review of Novel:

This saga is about a great fight between physically different creature. They both live separately. One life on one planet and another one another planet. Cassiopeia is the main character of this saga. The story of this saga starts with when he was a young. He was going to trip with his school fellows. The story explains the another story at a time. Some other creature living another planet destroys the earth. The make great boob for the destruction of the earth. The make this huge bomb in 40 days. A number of great events happened in his life. The struggle for his survival and wants to fulfill his wishes. The story is based on very critical and strange topic. The fight between different creatures.

One is very much strong and another one is really strong and in great number and another one is weak and only one man. The twist in the story starts when an alien wants to kill a young boy. They use each and every weapon and make great ideas. The purpose of this creature to kill the other creature in the world. The wants to dominate in this region. Zombie is also the major character of this saga and under danger of aliens. Nugget is also part of this saga. They all are a close friend and go for a great tour together. A great team of students is part of this tour. A number of bad happening part of their tour and they are able to break all hinder and moves forward.

The Great War starts between them and them unable to fight and stop their loose. The aliens use the different and horrible step to killing them all. Cassiopeia brave and intelligent guy. He faces all hardship very bravely. He saves many fellows life. The attraction of different peoples of the different world fight between them destroys a single place called a universe. The creature with great strength wins and another loose not only war but al importance needs of their lives. The number of topics is major of this saga. These all topic explained by the author step by step. The author is really intelligent explain the all important needs of this saga very skillfully.

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