Twilight by Stephenie Meyer – Summary

twilight-sagaTwilight novel is a romantic vampire featured novel series by Stephenie Meyer an American novelist. The series continued from 2005 to 2008 which features a young girl Isabella Swan, the pretty girl who moved with his dad from Phoenix to Forks Washington. She falls in love with Edward Cullen who is 104 years old vampire. Ever since the book is released, it is popular among the young generation. And the book has also won awards for the best author. British book award of child’s book was given to Breaking Dawn. The whole series won the award for 2009 kids choice award of the favorite book.

The book was translated into 38 different languages and by 2011, it sold 120 million copies around the world. The book was the best seller in the USA today in 2008 and also it was the best seller in New York times and remained best seller for 235 days.

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The beautiful girl Bella Swan moves with his father from Phoenix Arizona to Forks Washington. Bella Swan joins the school and she found this mysterious boy Edward Cullen. He belongs to vampire family but Bella is drawn towards Edward. Bella and Edward fall in love with each other and Edward tell Bella that he belongs to a vampire family who drinks blood from animals rather than humans. James, a vampire from another coven is against the Bella and he is trying to harm her but Cullen’s family take the responsibility of saving her. Bella was injured by the James but Edward arrives there on time and save his love and burn the enemy of her love.

New Moon:


Edward believes to keep Bella alive, he needs to move out from her life. So, Edward and his family leave Forks, when Bella know this she goes into deep depression phase. And she meets a werewolf Jacob and his coven who were trying to save Bella from Victoria, a vampire who was trying to avenge the death of James. Due to misunderstanding, Edward believes Bella is dead. He tried to commit suicide in front of Volturi, the vampire ruling family but Bella arrives there and keeps him alive. But Volturi has a condition they will only let Bella live if Edward turns her into a vampire.



Meanwhile, Victoria has established the army of vampires who are newly turned into the vampires to fight with Cullens and avenge the death of James. Bella has to choose between the love of Jacob and Edwards. Cullen family and Jacob’s coven join forces to protect Bella from Victoria. And the destroy her army and Bella, in the last chose her first love Edward and friend zone Jacob. Edward and Bella decide to marry.

Breaking Dawn:


Bella married to Edward and they go on a honeymoon but they have to return early. Because they came to know that Bella is pregnant and her baby is growing rapidly than the normal baby. And Bella almost dies in the birth-giving process but Edward saves his love by injecting Bella with his vampire venom. Bella is a vampire now and their newborn girl is growing faster, named Renesmee. Another vampire sees the child and reports to Volturi that this baby is against the vampire laws. Cullen family gathers other vampires to help them convince the Volturi that the baby is not the threat to vampires. Volturi and Cullens confront each other all werewolves are present in case they had to fight alongside Cullen family to save Renesmee. But after very long confrontation Volturi has agreed that the girl is not against vampire law and everything goes fine.

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