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Bertram Mitford was born on 13 June 1855 in the bath the United Kingdom, England. And died on 4 October 1914. Bertram Mitford was an English novelist and essay writer whose most of work was focused on South Africa.

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Umlilwane if you dare to then shoot again, shoot again, here hear this is my word. You have killed my beautiful dog the white beautiful dog that was the last dog of his kind and breed and was hunting dog, the dog was faster than all the dogs on the island it always use to outrun all other dogs of island, you have not just killed my dog you have killed me you have shed shot me and you have shot a chief. It was better for it had cut your hand off first because it is better for you to have lost your hand than to have lost your mind. Keep this in your memory forever Umlilwane that you have bled a chief the man from the house of Gcaleka.

Kafirs Umlilwane, Little fire these are the nickname he is fond of. This name is referred to the person who is shown little short tempered.

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