The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Comedy for Serious People – PDF Novel


The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Comedy for Serious People

How important is it for you to be, who you are? would you change yourself in order to lead a less complicated or more adventurous life? or would you feel satisfied with who you are?

The Importance of Being Earnest PDF is a play written by Oscar Wilde. The play takes a comedic look at life in England during the 1800’s.

The main character in the story Jack Worthing pretends to be a fun socialite named Earnest in order to escape the seriousness of his life when he falls in love. Jack life as earnest becomes more complicated and his facade as discovered likewise Jack’s friend Algernon also pretends to be a man named Bunbury in order to escape his life. Algernon not only pretends to be Bunbury but also pretends to be Earnests to help his friend maintain his facade in the end. Both Jack and Algernon are allowed to marry the women they love. But changed their names to Earnest to satisfy them.

The play “The Importance of Being Earnest PDF” takes a satirical look at the lives of two men who lead double lives in order to escape their own responsibilities. In the end, the real identities of both men are discovered and they are able to lead more fulfilling lives.

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Short Overview of Story:

The Importance of Being Earnest PDF is a comedic play written by Oscar Wilde. It tells the story of Jack Worthing, a man who leads a double life to pursue the pleasure. He lacks in his own life. Jack is the play’s protagonist in his real life. Jack has many responsibilities including being the guardian of Cecilia Cardew and a landowner with many employees dependent upon him. He feels overwhelmed by his own life and pretends to have a brother named Earnest. So that, he could escape from the responsibilities of his own life.

Jack lives in the country and views his life as boring when he travels to London as Earnest. He acts the way a young socialite would and has a lot of fun. Earnest is said to be irresponsible and has to be rescued by jack in reality. Jack uses Earnest as an excuse to escape from his own life. Earnest does not exist, Jack goes to London to have fun and calls himself Earnest. When he is there, Algernon Jack’s best friend is not surprised by the possibility of Earnest leading a double life because he himself does the same thing. He pretends to have a friend named Bunbury in order to escape his own busy life and escape to the country.

After Algernon falls in love with Earnest Ward’s ‘silly, he pretends to be Earnest to gain her approval. Eventually, the identities of Jack and Algernon are discovered. And both men decide to change their names to Earnest in order to gain the approval of their love interests and The Importance of Being Earnest.

Oscar Wilde uses a number of literary elements such as irony and satire to enhance the overall story. The irony is the use of words to communicate a meaning that is opposite to its real meaning. There are many types of irony, the two types of irony used in “The Importance of Being Earnest PDF” our situational and Durham Edek irony. Situational irony involves a situation where an outcome is different than what you might expect. For example, Lady Bracknell does not want her daughter Gwendolen to marry Earnest. Even though he is wealthy and has a good reputation instead of Lady Bracknell focusing on Earnest’ good qualities. She only focuses on a minor issue that Earnest cannot control his family background.

On the other hand, Lady Bracknell is happy for Agra not to marry Sicily. When she discovers that Cecilia is wealthy even though she is Jax Ward dramatic. The irony is a comedic element used when the audience has information characters. In the story do not for example in “The Importance of Being Earnest PDF” the audience is aware of Jack’s true identity before other characters in the story discover this information.

Algernon also assumes an alternative identity Bunbury when he wants to escape from his life. The audience is aware of the identity of all granades friend before characters in the story discover. He does not really exist. Satire is the use of different elements such as irony sarcasm and ridicule to criticise or mock the foolish behavior of others. The word Earnest is satirized throughout the play being described as an earnest person.

In Victorian, times was an admirable quality to be Earnest was to be intellectual sincere clear-headed and a good thinker. Both women in the story Gwendolen and Cecily desire a man named Earnest. Simply for the sake of marrying someone with that name not to have a husband who is intellectual and clear-headed. Additionally, Jack and Algernon, the two men in the story who changed their names to Earnest are not sincere or authentic. They are hypocrites who pretend to be other people to escape the difficult times in their lives.

Oscar Wilde also satirizes the upper class through characters such as Lady Bracknell Jack and Algernon by showing them as arrogant and hypocritical.

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