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A Message to Garcia PDF

A Message to Garcia! who is Garcia you may be wondering? A message to Garcia is the really short story of 42 pages by Elbert Hubbard. It was first published in 1899 in the United States of America. Elbert Hubbard edited this novel and It was originally published in The Philistine magazine.

This incredible motivational story also selected for the featured films for 2 times. A Message to Garcia covers principles, respect, diligent work and values.

Short Review:

The story starts when the Spanish-American war started. President McKinley knew it was critical to get the help of the insurgents in Cuba to help fight spam. The problem was, the leader of the insurgents a man called Garcia was in the mountains somewhere in Cuba and no one knew exactly where.

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McKinley couldn’t mail a letter to him, of course, there was no texting back then couldn’t hit him up on social media. So, an advisor to the president told him about an army lieutenant named Rowan, who he felt could find Garcia. Rowan came to the White House where McKinley simply handed him a letter and said deliver this message to Garcia.

Rowan sealed the letter in an oilskin pouch right over his heart and said, yes sir. He left and that was that. Three weeks after making a night drop off the coast of Cuba in an open boat. Rowan emerged on the other end of the island mission accomplished.

you and I should be like Rowan, notice how Rowan didn’t start asking questions of McKinley or knit pick on details. He just quietly took care of business. How many people do you know who would have stood around wondering. Where was the boat? or where Garcia was? how to get there? Or any of a thousand questions that would have kept Rowing frozen and unable to complete his mission.

How reliable are you when the chips are down is your philosophy? Whatever it takes or only if it’s convenient.

Hubbard says The world will make room for the person who can deliver a message to Garcia. So, when we decide to dive into life with everything we’ve got with. Focus determination and they must do spirit.

There’s only one kind of life we can live and that’s you know it our very best life. Make it an awesome day.

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