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Candide PDF is a French satire of Voltaire, that was first published in January 1759 in France. The Genre of this novel is Philosophical fiction, Picaresque Fiction, and Satire. Jean-Michel Moreau le Jeune illustrated this novel in the English language.

Major Characters of Candide:

  • Candide
  • Cunégonde
  • Cacambo
  • The Baron of Thunder-ten-Tronckh
  • Pangloss
  • Martin

Short Review of Candide PDF Novel:

Original Title: Candide, ou l’Optimisme

Candide is an extremely funny and absurd satire written by Voltaire. He lives in Westphalia and he’s very naive because he’s been tutored by this philosopher named Pangloss. He is very optimistic and believes that everything that happens in the world is for the best.

Candide also falls in love with this girl named Cunégonde but unfortunately because she’s part of the nobility. They’re not allowed to be together and her brother Vanishes Candy that. Candy becomes part of the army and then eventually desserts and finds himself in a town. And he meets Pangloss in that town and Pangloss tells him how Westphalia had been sacked and invaded by an army. Many of the noble and many of the people have been killed.

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Now they make their way to Lisbon and they find a once arriving there. That there was recently an earthquake in Lisbon and many people had died. The Pangloss kind of justifies the earthquake, saying that the earthquake was for the best and people enraged by this in Pangloss hanged. So, candy finds himself alone yet again and he meets his old woman. This old woman takes him to Cunegonde! Surprise! that Cunegonde is alive but Cunegonde says that the soldiers I did not kill her because she was very beautiful and they made her sex slave.

Now afterward, they make their way to Paraguay on which Cunegonde and a becomes the mistress. On the Grand Inquisitor, so she can get some money. Afterwards, candy picks up a servant named Cacambo and they have a few interesting adventures. First, they meet the Baron from Westphalia who and can be died. Asks the Baron, if he can marry Cunégonde but the Baron again declines and says no sand rate Candide kills the Baron. And he’s forced to flee and they also meet a tribe full of carnivores and they’re almost eaten and notably. They also find the city of El Dorado, which is a paradise in utopia for wealth, money in the perfect world.

The candy decides not to stay in El Dorado because there is no Cunegonde in El Dorado without critical need. There is no paradise for him, so he ends up going traveling back to Europe but he picks up a lot of money and gold from El Dorado. He tells Cacambo to go find Cunegonde.

In a series of interesting events, Pangloss ends up to still be alive somehow. And the Baron who can die thought to have killed still remains alive. Cacambo and Cunegonde and they all meet up in Europe. Candide again asked the Baron another time, if you’ll be able to marry Candide Cunegonde. Baron decline again, they’re forced to kill the Baron one last time.

Afterwards, Candide and Cunegonde marry. They settle in a garden house and they’re able to kind of come and meet their suffering and make amends with their suffering through practical action and just farming away and kind of cleaving unto their talons.

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