King Solomon’s Mines PDF Book by H. Rider Haggard – Summary


King Solomon’s Mines is the adventurous fiction novel that was first published in 1885. It was written by English novelist Sir H. Rider Haggard and published by Cassell and Company. The total length of this novel is 320 pages.  In 1985, King Solomon’s Mines was adapted as the feature film.

Major characters in this novel are:

  • Allan Quatermain
  • George Neville
  • Captain John Good
  • Sir Henry Curtis
  • Umbopa, Gagool
  • King Twala

Short Review of King Solomon’s Mines PDF

Alan Quartermain meets Captain Good and Sir Henry Curtis unroot to Durban. Curtis asked Quartermain if he knows his brother Neville or anything about the legend of King Solomon’s Mines caves filled with endless diamonds and fortune. Quartermain tells him his knowledge of the legend and decides to join their quest in search of Curtis’s brother for the fortune.

They prepare for the journey gathered some servants and set out for the Suliman mountains. And they cross 130 miles of blazing desert being saved in the middle of it by an Oasis. They reach the mountains and endure the freezing conditions. As they head down the other side. They find a grand road and strange art. When they stop to rest a group of Native men found them. They saw Good without his pants on an eyeglass and with some movable teeth.

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There would be Willard by his magnificent white legs. After a little convincing the men convinced the natives that they were men of the Stars. The natives took them to their capital Loo to meet their King. Their stay at Loo, they find that they are treated very kindly. But they observed the atrocities committed by the king named Twala and the mass murder of witches and pointless sacrifices.

Upon learning the history of the Kings coming to power. That servant that the white man had hired in Durban, then came to realize that he was the rightful king of the land. He had a tattoo of the snake around his waist since birth and his name was Ignosi. The white men used their knowledge of an upcoming eclipse as assigned to the people to gain their alliance. Men joined Ignosi in battle. The three white men fought for him as well after much bloodshed and Curtis proved the best warrior by killing the old king Twala. In thanks for their bravery, Ignosi made the wicked Gagool who supported Twala’s show the white men “The Diamond Mines”.

They followed the Magnificent road to a cave mouth and roulette. They observe spooky figures and then a great treasure just as they touched the diamonds Gagool tried to escape the cave being crushed by the only door out.

The men spent a long time in the darkness. Finally, they found a passage Quartermain stuffed his pocket with diamonds and they left. They finally reached a Loo again with a goodbye to Ignosi. The white men leave for modern civilization. On the way back across the desert, they run into the novel. Curtis’s brother living in a random Oasis. They go home and find that their few diamonds are more than enough to make each of them rich.

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