Turtles all the Way Down by John Green – Review

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Turtles all the Way Down by John Green

Turtles all the Way Down by John Green. This is John Green’s newest book since his 2012 mind-blowing success with “The Fault in Our Stars” and after over five years of not publishing John Green has returned.

The thing is that it’s different from what you all expected and as you think. That’s because you expected more of a detective story like a mystery kind of thing. And It’s not really into mysteries. This is not really like as we think that um means, it has those detective elements to it but it’s not full-out.

So, here’s my thing with John Green. I think he is an incredibly talented writer like stylistically with his diction and his syntax. And has ideas the way he expresses what he wants to say. I think undeniably he’s one of the best wire writers out there.

Overview of Turtles all the Way Down:

So, you kind of moreover John Green’s ideas pick it apart and that’s really what’s exciting about this book. So, the central crux of turtles is 16-year-old Aza and Aza’s battles with social anxiety throughout the whole book. A lot of the narrative of the story is AZA just stuck in her own head. Hating the thoughts that go through her brain. Wanting to escape them and she’s just unable to control all the directions that her thoughts go into especially when they start spiraling. And it comes up a lot of times. Sometimes when you don’t expect it and sometimes when you’re waiting for it.

And I think by anchoring the novel in AZA’s anxiety, it gives Turtles the capacity to reach people in a highly effective way. I think that’s why so many readers have had such a profound resonance with this book.

The thing is that we think it’s always really really hard to write about social anxiety in a way to make people who have not personally dealt with this, understand the extent of it. John Green does this very very well in this book.

You could really connect to a zone not because you have necessarily gone through the same troubles that she has. But because you can definitely relate to her in a way. And we just think about this, that how she describes it like the metaphors she uses. They are so intense but also so simple as you read and you are like yeah this was totally how it is like there’s no easy way to say.

It’s done very well so Aza is dealing with this but she still has a normal life. She goes to school, she has the best friend Daisy, who likes Star Wars fan fiction. Which will remind us a lot of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and we all love that because Fangirl is all time favorite book. And you know she has her circle friends and then Miss billionaire called Russell Pinkett goes missing overnight. And Aza used to know his soon when she was little. But she’s not really in touch with him anymore.

So anyway, there’s a reward out about a hundred, thousand dollars for whoever helps the police captured a missing person. So, Aza and her friend Daisy set out to solve this mystery and angler gets back in touch with Davis who is the son of the missing billionaire.

This deals with the mystery sort of missing person aspect. It deals with social anxiety. It also has romantic aspects to it but it’s not a love story not in the way that Hazel and Gus. We all love this story, personally, I really liked it. There were some scenes where two of the main characters reminded us of some other main characters of John Green. It will remind you about flirting between Hazel and Gus in “The Fault in Our Stars” and it will also remind of all the clues that Mara leaves behind in “Paper Towns” and Quentin figures them out.

It was not like, you felt like John Green was kind of stealing something from his own former writing, not at all. And it was just like you saw this part of him was like yeah! this is John Green. This is his way of showing that this is his writing. So, it felt very authentic and you will definitely really like that about it.

It’s not that you will feel like reading a story with characters that you already know. And then you will just get some new names. It’s just like two or three short little parts where you will remind of those other characters and that was really nice.

It was just thinking, I am not sure, this was done intentionally or not but either way, you will really like it. This book feels a lot more mature than any of his other books.

There are two or three short paragraphs where the story is told from a second person saying on a radar and my god that was so cool. Because the story is told from Aza’s point of view. It felt like she stopped telling her story at a moment. And spoke directly to you as a reader and included you in the story in a way and it was really well done.

I can’t think of a book where I have seen this before. Like a switch between the perspectives but not really at the same time if that makes sense. So yeah this was pretty cool.

I think Turtles has the potential to really deeply hit readers who find themselves in AZA. A lot of the beauty of this book comes from how genuine the portrayal of AZA is. I think a lot of that stems from John Green asserting his own personal experiences into his writing. I think that’s very brave and effective.

This Book is a love, I will give it 5 out of 5 stars. I can wholeheartedly say that those are honest and real 5 out of 5 stars. And not just because John Green has his name on this book cover range by the way.

Cover of Novel:

let’s talk about this cover for a second, I really like the pump of this. And I don’t know I really like it when book covers have like their title splashed all over them. I like that but I have to say I think it’s a little bit confusing that there was like no barrier between a title and the author’s name. So when you look at it’s like “Turtles all the Way Down John Green”. But it’s a very simple cover and I really like the spiraling in.