Historical novel

A Kingdom of Dreams eBook by Judith McNaught

  This novel is written by Judith McNaught. She is an American storyteller. This novel is about love, romance, and fighting. A Kingdom of Dreams PDF Novel Royce Westmoreland is the main character of this tale. He is more solid. The Wolf is also the main personality of this tale. He took part in many wars and won all wars ...

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Pride and Prejudice PDF English Novel by Jane Austen [Online]


Pride and Prejudice PDF is written by Jane Austen. She is a very impressive writer, explain the whole story very superbly. 28 January 1813 is the date of publishing. It is a Historical Romantic novel. Elizabeth Bennet is the heroine of this tale. Etiquette’s education, ethics, and wedding problems, she faces in this tale. She lives with family in Longbourn. She has ...

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One Hundred Twenty-One Days by Michele Audin


One Hundred Twenty-One Days is the novel by Michele Audin. He is great and impressive writer describe the whole story very amazing and add interest for readers. He knows how to attract the peoples. This is the first novel of Michele Audin. He is the member of Mathematicians and Oulipo. One Hundred Twenty-One Days PDF This story is related to love ...

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Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale (1992)


Flowers from the Storm PDF (1992) Flowers from the Storm is the written by Laura Kinsale. It was published on 1st October 1992. This novel is based on the very old story. This one is best historical romantic novel very old age. In this tale, viewers see the very different romantic story usually they seen. This one is best romantic novel ...

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Ben Hur: A Tale of Christ by Lew Wallace


Ben-Hur: A Tale of Christ PDF Novel Ben Hur is a famous Cristian novel by Lew Wallace, published in the 19th century by Harper and brothers on 9 November 1880. This novel consists of the story of a Christ. It was a very famous novel which beat the records of many other novels. It was on top of bestsellers list before ...

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Barkskins by Annie Proulx (2016)


Barkskins by Annie Proulx (2016) The tale “Barkskins” written by Annie Proulx. It is historical fiction novel that was originally published in the year 2016. It was published by Simon and Schuster in the United States of America. This time duration of this novel 300 years. Explain the offspring of two French men who live in France. 700 pages used ...

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Wintering by Peter Geye


Wintering by Peter Geye Peter Geye is the writer of this tale. Originally it was published on 1st June 2016. This story is much-admired. This novel based on is a typical story. This is the simple love story. Sixty years’ time duration. The main character of this tale is Harry Edie his son Gus and her lover Berit. Harry and ...

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The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood “The Blind Assassin” is basically set in Canada and originally published on 2 September 2000 in Stewart and McClelland. It was composed by famous Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood. This incredible work won Man Booker Prize in the year 2000. This novel won Hammett award in 2001. This historical fiction novel was written in English ...

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