Alberta and Jacob – Cora Sandel


 Overview of Alberta and Jacob  “Alberta and Jacob” portrays a year in a young woman’s life who is coming of age in North Norway – nameless but obviously Tromso. Lacking apparent thrill, Alberta’s life with much drama pretty local – thieving coal from domestic supply to heat up the room, e.g. or furtively hocking a treasure to increase money. Her internal ...

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Alms for Oblivion by Simon Oblivion


Alms for Oblivion – Review Alms for Oblivion is originally published in 1964. It was written by Simon Raven. Alms for Oblivion, an incredible sequence of ten novels, with every novel revealing different stories but simultaneously connected together by their common characters – businessmen & schoolboys, soldiers & authors, patient wives & prostitutes, models & artists. First, four novels of ...

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Novel Dear John by Nicholas Sparks


Overview of Dear John (2006) Dear John is Adult Romance novel released on 30 October 2006. It was written by American Novelist Nicholas Sparks. This Fiction Novel includes 237 pages. ISBN: 0446698326 When john meets his dream girl, Savannah, he takes in that he’s prepared to do some changes. Not seeing what else to do in life, John abandoned the ...

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The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon


Overview of The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay  The Adventures of Kalvier and clay is a historical drama novel of American Jewish novelist Michael Chabon. He published his novel in 19 September 2000 in United states of America. Michael got Pulitzer award for his fiction novels. ISBN: 0-679-45004-1 Pages: 639 Publisher: Random House Language: English The blockbusting author of ‘Wonder ...

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Outlander novel by Diana Gabaldon


Outlander novel by Diana Gabaldon Outlander is the novel of Diana Gabaldon that was published as Cross Stitch in the United Kingdom. It was the first novel of Diana in a series of Eight historical and romance novel.  Originally it was published on 1st June 1991 in the English language. In August 2014, it was adapted for the television as ...

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All Souls Day by Cees Nooteboom – Review


All Souls Day is written by Dutch novelist Nooteboom. This novel was published in 1998 in Netherland. Dutch title of this novel is “Allerzielen”. In 2001, this novel was published in the English language. Translation of this novel is done by Susan Massotty. It includes 298 pages. ISBN: 9045223414 All Souls Day by Cees Nooteboom  ‘All Souls Day’ is an ...

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The Bridges of Madison County (1992)


The Bridges of Madison County  The Bridges of Madison County is the novel of an American novelist Robert James Waller. He is born on 1st August 1939 in the United States. He was best known for his incredible and immensely successful novel “The Bridges of Madison County” that was published in 1992 in the United States of America in the ...

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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


The Fault in Our Stars is an adult fictional novel of John Green. It was the 6th novel of John and is published on 10 January 2012. Total pages of this novel are 303. Augustus Waters, Kaitlyn, Mrs. Waters, Hazel Grace Lancaster, Mr. Lancaster, Isaac, Peter Van Houten, Patrick, Lidewij Vliegenthart, Mr. Waters and Mrs. Lancaster are major characters of ...

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Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan


Review of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist  A passionate love story of two teenagers who stumble into a chance date of music, confusion, laughter, passion, distress, taxi driver insight – and share such a night you never wish to end, when each moment matters and each moment glimmers between love and mess. It all begins when Nick asks Norah if ...

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All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy


Winner of ‘National Book Award’ and ‘National Book Critics Circle Award’, “All the Pretty Horses”, first published in 1992, was the worldwide bestseller and first novel of Broder Trilogy. All the Pretty Horses (1992)  John Grady Cole is last bemused toughie of long generations of Texas squares. After being cut-off from the only life he wished for, he set off for ...

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