Shroud by John Banville (2002)


Shroud Novel PDF was written by John Banville basically it was published in the year 2002. This is the amazing story. Review of Novel: One segment Humbert, one segment Nietzsche, and a touch of Milton’s Lucifer, the dizzyingly untrustworthy storyteller of John Banville new novel, Axel Vander, is very aged, only just widowed, and the holder of a striking repute ...

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Schooling Novel by Heather McGowan


Review of Schooling Heather McGowan is the writer of this novel. Her best two novels are Schooling and Duchess of Nothing, total schooling is considered as the best novel for Newsweek. In 2011, she received Rome Prize in Literature. Schooling was the Fictional novel that was written by the Heather McGowan. It was published on June 2. The total length of this novel includes ...

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Platform by Michel Houellebecq (2001)


Writer of Novel Michel Houellebecq Michel Houellebecq is a controversial French writer who wrote this novel. He is a French author and filmmaker. His first novel is published in 1994 Whatever. In 1996, he also wrote a poems book The Art of Struggle. Platform – Short Review The platform is basically a Fictional novel that was published on 24 August 2001. It was written by the ...

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Nowhere Man by Aleksandar Hemon


Aleksandar Hemon writes this great novel He is a Bosnian-born American fiction writer. His other best novel is  The Lazarus Project published in 2008. He graduates from the University of Sarajevo. He is active in writing career from 2000 to present. About Nowhere Man – PDF Nowhere Man was the novel of Aleksandar Hemon. He was published his novel on 17 September 2002. Jozef Pronek ...

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Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (2002)


Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (2002) Jeffrey Eugenides write this best seller novel Middlesex Novel first published on 4 September 2002 by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, English. Pages of this book are 544. The novel is written the English language. More than three million copies of this book are sold. In 1993, The Virgin Suicides has published then writer worked in Middlesex. “Middlesex” is a magnificent tale of Calliope Stephanides ...

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In The Forest by Edna O’Brien


The story “In The Forest” is based on a terrible crime. It describes the story of Mich O’Kane who kills 3 people in the forests of Ireland. Edna O’Brien marks out the incidents that result in such horror. Mich O’Kane listens to voices; he can’t resist mourning over his mother died. Robbery and other such crimes take him to a ...

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Gabriel’s Gift by Hanif Kureishi (2001)


Gabriel’s Gift – Review It’s a great novel written by Hanif Kureishi novel is first published in the year 2001. The major character of this novel is Gabriel his father is a musician. His father has a pop band. His mother sleeps during the day and works at night in a bar. Directing his route through his parents’ wrecked world, Gabriel fantasies about becoming ...

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Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus PDF Novel


Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus is the novel of American novelist John Gray. He published his novel is year 1st January 1992 in the United States of America. It is a non-fictional and psychology novel. The total length of this novel is 286 pages. This novel has sold more than 50 million copies. According to CNN, it was highest ...

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